Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sentai Sexy Scenes

So far there is perversity in Sentai, there are also some really sexy scenes. Here are some from what I could remember:
In Changeman in an earlier episode at the bathhouse but we don't see anything. No need to cut.

In Maskman, Kiros remembers a rather tempting scene of seeing Princess Ial bathe. Some portions of it were cut in other countries.

Jetman had the scene where Ryu Tendo fell into the bathing area where Aya Odagiri (the hottest girl of the trio), Kaori Rokumekan and Ako Hayasaka (my crush in the show) were bathing. I kind of had my eyes on Ako Hayasaka back then.

We have Reiko Chiba in the bath as well.

In Gaoranger, we have Sae Taiga and Tetomu at the hot spring.

In Boukenger we have Natsuki Mamiya in a hot spring in her imagination. She's the one who got casted in a two piece in the movie.

Umeko Kodou was frequently cast bathing and in one episode, it was too provocative I guess it would be cut in other countries.

Also we had one episode where apparently Tetsu Aira was naked but that scene should have been for Jasmine to see. LOL.

In Abaranger vs. Dekaranger, we see the three females bathing where they got barged in and got mad about it.