Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gokai Loving?! Rumors Behind Ryota Ozawa and Mao Ichimichi Dating!

Captain Marvelous Dating Luka?
Here's a little bit of a spicy rumor- Ryota Ozawa is dating Ichimichi Mao.  Here's what's alleged to be them...

A rather blurry picture.  I'm not quite convinced with this picture alleged to be them as. some people look like each other but are not each other.  I've got friends who look like Sentai stars but they're not the Sentai stars. LOL.  I got this information from:

Here's a little bit of the gossip:

"A picture of Ichimichi Mao & Ozawa Ryota on a date ...holding hands together somewhere in some city was taken. They look lovey dovey together & from the looks of it, they look rather good together (from the writer's perspective)!! holding hands tight & sticking close to each other, you can see what a pair of love birds they're!!

The young couple look very cute together through the whole process (walk, shopping, whatever they're doing back there). But that's not all, instead just being lovey dovey, one thing i found very shocking personally, is the moment where they shared a passionate kiss when they were about to part... now with both Mao & Ryota both being in the spotlight, such a brazen display of their love is really shocking indeed!!

Ichimichi Mao & Ozawa Ryota seems to have became intimate due to acting together, but having already progressed to such a stage is something really unexpected & shocking!!

Although I'll pay attention to their activities nonetheless from here on out, the progress of their is really some private thing I'd be interested about!!"


  1. The actor who play Luka, her head only comes up to the top of his shoulder and these 2 are almost the same height, her hair is wrong too. Also, this guy is too skinny and his shoulders aren't broad enough. I just finished watching the latest episode 5min. ago. People just don't pay attention. This one is painfully obvious. Scandals are just too popular and it's plain pathetic.

  2. This is kinda true for me because I have photos that has a hint about them and beside even if this rumor is true... Lets be happy for them