Episode Writer's Analysis Part 11: Tokosou Sentai Dekaranger

Dekaranger is one of those series I have grown to love and it was a combination of Arakawa/Takegami and the team of writers known as Michiko Yokote (which somebody named Michiko is its team leader).  Now I was thinking this Sentai series was pretty good with its not so standard formula one way after the other.

Naruhisa Arakawa (main writer) : 1-8, 11-14, 17-19, 22-23, 27, 30-31, 37, 39, 42-43, 46, 49-50 (27 eps)

Episodes 1-2 gives us an idea of what the Special Police is.  Apparently Arakawa has a hang of how he wants to write lighter and softer.  Ban is introduced as a persistent jerk who never gives up any fight and will be willing to risk himself to complete a task, while saving others.  This also places contrasts to the more professional Hoji, who is really stiff at the beginning.

Episodes 3-4 is sort of trying to help define Hoji.  Hoji is featured to be stuck-up jerk who at this point, has become annoying because he thinks he doesn't make mistakes until later he realizes he doesn't have to be perfect to be a Dekaranger.  I love how these two episodes actually show Hoji starting to loosen up (early huh) which for me, wow Hoji is a jerk but he is also a nice guy.  He's almost like a professional Gai Yuki.

Episode 5 introduces us to Murphy and some development for Umeko.  Okay my biases are up, everybody has their biases because I personally didn't like Syd over Umeko.  Not that Umkeo is a favorite of mine though but at least, she's better.  So I did like how Umeko shows she isn't stupid, just bubbly though she can definitely kick Sen's butt.

Episode 6 has Sen on focus.  Personally, Sen feels like he's the weakest Dekaranger in terms of strength but he always makes up for it whenever he does his headstand.  It focuses on a mysterious case involving sisters and figuring out who the murderer is.  So Sen is actually another brain for the Dekarangers aside fro Jasmine.  While Jasmine is more or less my favorite type of brain member, Sen shows how strength isn't everything.

Episodes 7-8 is pretty much good introduction on Jasmine.  For one, I really think Jasmine aside from her appearance, is not only empowering women but also people who seem "different".  I love how her backstory here is focused on how she was once suicidal but got over it.  It also has her fighting for a child who is being manipulated by an Alienizer.  Two episodes worth of empowerment!

Episode 11 features development for Hoji and to see the kind of ranger he is.  It's his FIRST difficult choice as the Alienizer in this episode was once his best friend.  This for me was a really sad episode, defining Hoji as a blue ranger.  He shows that sometimes, you can't always be happy about your job because in life, you will have difficult choices like siding with your friend OR your duty.  He chooses his duty and another episode like this will hit him again.

Episode 12 for me is a comic episode but at the same time, makes me learn to appreciate Umeko.  So Umeko may not be smart but she is still really useful.  She nurses a huge alien baby who is later reunited with her parents.

Episode 13 features us to why Doggie Kruger is one badass commander that will make every last retired Sentai commander salute him.  Not only is he really badass, he can also morph.  I just love how he shows concern for Swan (who may not be human looking after all).  As a commander, Doggie gets some focus especially when Swan gets kidnapped.  So here, the brawn saves the brain.  I mean, Swan is for me the whole brains behind Doggie and this shows mutual understanding of both genders.

Episode 14 has the Dekarangers about to become dependent on Kruger so he purposely doesn't help them, believing they can do it.  It's a very good episode to develop the relationship of the Dekarangers with their commander Doggie Kruger.  There was also the Luna Metal plot, a metal that can absorb light.  What was nice about this episode is that the Dekarangers mature as a bunch!

Episode 17 is a good development for Jasmine and Umeko.  I believe every Sentai series should feature a boys save girls and girls save boys episode to balance the genders while showing them with different styles.  This episode also shows at times, men just can't do the job so women need to step in.  There's a bit of throwback to Fiveman when Umeko gets drunk but shows she can be badass.  I do find the idea of turning humans into gyozas really gross but at least, we don't see anybody being eaten here.  But ugh!  At least the Deka Girls deleted that guy.

Episode 18 has a story of Ban and his ancestor.  It's the first time we have a good Alienizer and also Abrella shows up with his Big Drawer Robot.  I just love how Ban here gets developed as a character.  For one, Ban is badass but reckless, at least here he learns to be less reckless and more careful.

Episode 19 has Hoji's body swapped with an Alienizer.  For body swap episodes, I love how this one has Hoji in a dilemma since the Alienizer could do much harm in Hoji's body.  At this point, I hope nobody was trying to ship Umeko and Hoji since it will NEVER work.  So the problem is solved by the other Dekarangers' bond with him.  Hoji is still badass no matter what form he takes... hehe!

Episodes 22-23 wrap up the Hell Siblings Arc.  So Tetsu's introduction was by Junki Takegami. Now we have Arakawa wrapping it up.  Surprised?  Not really because they both did that in Megaranger.  For me the two episodes show the Dekarangers and Deka Break working with each other,  Unless they put their differences aside, you can't expect those Hell Siblings to be beaten.

Episode 27 has Jasmine and Tetsu (somewhat) in focus while it has the comedic plot of an Alienizer having a crush on Jasmine.  WTF?!  Well I do find the comedy involved funny while the whole plot of Milibar and his partner Niwande.  Niwande has a crush on Jasmine and he was focused on being a Robin Hood.  Which I thought this episode has some serious real life issues of criminals with noble causes at the same time, it shows nothing justifies crime.  Milibar had to be deleted though considering he's already done too many crimes.

Episode 30 has the sad reality of how shallow boys can be, including Hoji.  Yes Hoji is a pro and Ban isn't but they're both kind of shallow in this episode.  So yeah, Hoji says, "You can have her." to Ban because the Hazardian gal is unattractive to them.  It also featured the missile plot which did add suspense in the midst of comic humor.

Episode 31 has sort of another pink ranger with a lookalike scenario.  We had that in Gingaman with Saya and some idol.  Here it's Umeko and some alien princess.  The alien princess hates her initation so she has Umeko take her place.  At the same time, we learn of an assassination plot that was going on.  Well it's pretty much good development for Umeko.

Episode 37 is one dramatic episode, quite different from the others.  Hoji has his girlfriend Teresa whose brother Clord is guilty of killing various young women.  We learn Clord just wants to save his sister but is doing things badly, a lesson that the end does not justify the means.  Hoji is placed in sorrow yet again because he carried out his duty at the cost of his relationship with Teresa.  I felt pretty sad for Hoji in this episode but it was good development for him, showing he is not a stuck up guy.

Episode 39 is pretty female focused- a female Alienizer and the Dekagirls saving the day.  It shows the bond of friendship between Jasmine and Umeko.  I love how this episode has the Alienizer being hard to catch, boys unable to do a thing and the girls finding the solution to the puzzle.  Heck, as a guy I admit that a lot of women are sharper thinkers in most situations and I'm not.  The whole episode is really a woman empowering one at the same time, it doesn't excuse any female from crimes either.

Episodes 42-43 has some focus on Ban and Hoji.  So it does involve Hoji's disdain for Ban, which isn't really all that explained plus his relationship with his younger sister.  So I guess his sister was either not qualified for SPD like Jasmine and Umeko OR she refused.  Either way, I love the two parter especially when Ban shows can actually think but it's NOT his speciality like anybody weak in Math can do everyday Math but will suck hard in higher Math.  The whole copying of Armageddon plot here is also one of my favorite plots here.

Episode 46 has Umeko yet in mind again.  Umeko has a suitor named Matthew who has been guilty of killing women for pleasure.  Hmmm... I kinda wish this show also had a seductress Alienizer but again, not like there aren't men who are smooth talkers aren't there?!  It's also development for Sne and Umeko as an actual couple.

Episodes 49-50 is the finale arc which kind of shows Arakawa's type of finales.  Tight situations, makes it look like impossible to win but we win.  That's what I love about Arakawa's finale.  And of course, he makes it look like Doggie Kruger died but he didn't.  Okay it's not the best finale but at least it doesn't wrap up like Inoue or Judd Lynn.  I mean, throwing away Abrella from the Dekabase without your suits is NO WALK IN THE PARK.  And I love how the characters developed after they destroyed Abrella.  For me, it seemed like trying to a Sugimura finale and being able to do so.

Junki Takegami: 9-10, 15-16, 21, 24-25, 28-29, 34-35, 38, 41, 44, 47 (15 eps)

Episodes 9-10 has a suspense explosive plot.  A Zamazan Seijin girl is trying to run away from her ex-boyfriend who is a real bomb maniac.  I did think it was funny for Ban and Umeko to pretend to be a couple... though I didn't want to ship them at all.  I felt sorry for Ban's one time love interest when Ban lied to her, because he was going undercover.  Ban does also get development here as a character and of course, the girl leaves which is good, Ban might endanger her if the relationship continues.

Episodes 15-16 features us to the android girl and the introduction of the Dekabase' robo form.  What I like about it here is that Hoji, unlike Sky, is not quick to judge (though Sky did also learn a lesson at the same time).  For me, it was development for Sen where he does get stronger eventually.  The android girl was also part of an Alienizer plot to create a mega giant monster.  I love how this giant robot mode just came in.  Well the Dekabase Robo manages to take base robots to another level!

Episode 21 starts the introduction of the Hell Siblings arc.  I would say that Jasmine was pretty awesome when she faced Succubus though it also valued the others.  I mean, the Hell Siblings are all lethal regardless, I wouldn't want to run into any of them!  I thought that Jasmine had an interesting clash with Succubus too.

Episode 24 shows Umeko's development and of course, Mexican-like aliens who talk in opposite.  I thought the episode was weird while it does develop Umeko but the father/son team here kind of annoy me with their opposite talk.  It was like it was opposite day for the whole episode.  Then again, I was able to have fun with it. =P

Episode 25 is sort of a painful lesson for guys.  It does also show the hypocritical side of humanity when they all help a cute girl but not an old woman.  I thought that alien grandma was awesome.  I just love how Sen learned his lesson when he temporarily became old.  How he got his normal age restored is still a mystery.

Episodes 28-29 is Takegami goodness with Tetsu and the alienizer Genio.  In the SPD version it was Sky vs. Mirolic, not here.  This is where Tetsu's past is brought up.  We see more Tetsu develop as a character when he doesn't want his fellow Dekarangers to get harmed.  However he sees their importance in this two parter!

Episode 34 features the trio of Alienizers who kill for fun and well surprise, the person we thought whose dead is alive.  A kid is conning people and learns it the hard way with a near death experience.  I just love how this episode introduces the Dekawing Robo.

Episode 35 has Jasmine on focus again.  An alien detective learns through Jasmine that revenge is not the answer.  I just love how revenge plots happen in Sentai and how revenge and justice must be differentiated.

Episode 38 has Ban on focus and a serious message on child slavery. Ban is trolled into doing lots of crazy stuff to get the child saved.  The Alienizer Gyanjava kidnaps a young girl to make her unlock locks.  I love how badass Ban became to really teach a lesson on child slavery is stupid.

Episode 39 is pretty female focused- a female Alienizer and the Dekagirls saving the day.  It shows the bond of friendship between Jasmine and Umeko.  I love how this episode has the Alienizer being hard to catch, boys unable to do a thing and the girls finding the solution to the puzzle.  Heck, as a guy I admit that a lot of women are sharper thinkers in most situations and I'm not.  The whole episode is really a woman empowering one at the same time, it doesn't excuse any female from crimes either.

Episode 41 has Sen's focus and an assassin named Jingi, sort of a tribute to Chinese movies bad guys.  Sen's weakness of claustrophobia is revealed and I'm glad he is getting stronger in spite of being probably the physically weakest Dekaranger.  I just am glad how Sen matured even more in this episode.

Episode 44 has Kruger and his old friend Bisques on focus.  What I love about this episode is how Abrella plans to smear the Dekarangers by stealing the badges.  One can see how much of an S.O.B. Abrella is in everything he does.  I just love how Kruger manages to settle his old score with Bisques in here.

Episode 47 has the focus of why Hoji probably didn't respect Ban.  We learn of Gyoku Rou's history as the would be Deka Red.  I also love how this focuses on Hoji and Jasmine as supposed professional partners, nothing romantic but still good.  Terry X was also one who wanted to turn Jasmine into a battery as he did to the other ESPerers.  Ban is shown here to be one guy who was hard to control as Commander Horus' feathers were plucked off (he should get detained) so they can find Gyoku Rou. A t the same time, Ban is shown to be enthusiastic about getitng things right.  I love the whole Hoji and Jasmine focus here.

Michiko Yokote: 20, 26, 32-33, 36, 40, 45, 48 (8 eps)

Episode 20 felt like a bit of chasing Plankton in Spongebob to me, considering the Alienizer was that small.  However he is a real threat.  I love how Ban managed to find this destroyer of worlds Byz Goa who is really small.  I love how Ban has his rare moments of intelligence, even if I find him dumb most of the time.

Episode 26 has a message on steroid use.  Hoji enters into an underground tournament against its champion Jeeva who is using an illegal steroid.  I just love how Hoji does some really badass out of suit action, sigh why are we not seeing it that much?!  Hoji proves himself badass in this episode, something I felt like was really great.  I love how Hoji got to meet the bar owner and how the Dekarangers solved the case.

Episodes 32-33 is the Dekaranger SWAT arc.  Oh boy, I can't really help but love this two parter when one of the most badass commanders Bunta shows up.  Ban also learns that his friends matter the most, which was rewarded when he refused to win over them.  I also love the hostage crisis involved which showed the Dekarangers' new SWAT mode at work.  The SWAT Mode would later give everyone an additional edge.  Sen at the same time also improves.

Episode 36 is a focus on Swan and her rival Hymal.  It also shows why Swan is a respectable woman even if she's not all that badass compared to Aya Odagiri or Miki Masaki. Swan creates her robots to help others, Hymal creates them for his own selfish purposes.  I love how Hymal also learned a terrible lesson about his self.

Episode 40 has Lisa Teagle who is overly stern member of the Special Police.  This episode is focus on Tetsu, his relationship with Lisa.  Lisa at first is pretty unreasonable but learns that sometimes, she needs to take things easy.  Overall, a very good episode.

Episode 45 is a comical filler with Tetsu with an Alienizer after him.  I thought that the team Michiko Yokote has some sense of humor.  Unlike Kobayashi's clip shows, this one was funny.

Episode 48 is part of the finale.  Here the Dekarangers face a jellyfish-like alien.  At the same time, Abrella shows that he has gone more serious than before.  Abrella really shows how much of a crime lord to be feared he can be.