A Focus on Aburera

Aburera... I think he deserves a spotlight in this super sentai blog as a unique villain. Unlike other villains that established a team of serving villains, he's the only that that is recurring and loses the most followers when he sends them to do his favor, hires the most dangerous criminals to establish his team while developing a hatred for Doggie Kruger for a "scar" in the past. At times, he simply sold weapons to villains and didn't hire them to do his dirty job. He wasn't always around but he was scheming to do something evil while he was absent for certain episodes.

He's had a dangerous reputation of igniting galactic wars in seven known galaxies. He was perhaps linked to the Zone Empire from Fiveman (but that's my speculation) in exchange for his planet's survival or with Bazoo or any. Well now without any direct power, he's on his own and you know it- now he leads the remnants of whatever organization he used to serve. By looking that he has no monster enlargement ability but rather deploying giant monsters piloted by any criminals he's hiring or making deals with, he must have learned robotics somewhere.

While he may not be very powerful, he is one cunning individual as every episode, he tries to make the lives of the Dekarangers more miserable than ever. He's even one to analyze the weaknesses of the Dekarangers to the point of creating Abaroids and Igaroids to defeat his enemies and kept deploying more wanted criminals to help him further his cause.

The most amazing part is how he was able to hi-jack the Dekabase and used the robot mode to wreck havoc until he bit the dust at the final battle with the Dekarangers.


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