Happy New Year!!

The fact is 2009 is gone, 2010 is in. Ha ha. I hope I don't get any free tickets from Dark Shadow like Natsuki did. Hee hee. Good thing Sentai's fiction. Hee hee.
The explosions are nigh and it's time to think what's going to happen by 2010.
Here's what- Shinkenger is really coming to its inevitable end. Hopefully the soon to come finale will be epic and not anything deviant at the same time. On the other hand, I wonder what's it going to be with a female Shinken Red! I think it'd be interesting to have her and Takeru Shiba work together for the finale. Hee hee. Many argue about Shinkenger. The series I say is better than Go-onger which I yawned over it while children enjoy it.
My favorite New Year's special had to be Hurricanger- it is where an epic battle finally begins to climax in with more intense action although the others were pretty decent. Hurricanger's theme on revenge and redemption really hit on New Year especially when Sandaaru finally plans to destroy both Tao Zanto and the Hurricangers at the same time.

Unfortunately though, Haim Saban and Judd Lynn being no longer involved with Toei Ltd. anymore so they can't make a decent PR show out of Shinkenger as soon as it ends. Instead, we have Disney remastering MMPR which I think may not be a very good idea. Just think if Toei remasters Zyuranger or maybe even Jetman or Turboranger.
Another thing- the new Sentai year is coming. Goseiger is coming. Gosei can be translated as "guard star" (correction made by Don, thanks). I hope Sentai doesn't get too redundant in its themes though because some newer Sentai go for the worse in my opinion or it may freeze like the Kamen Rider franchise. :-P


  1. There is an article that I read about Goseiger. The Gosei that it has in its name is not "five star" just like Gosei Sentai Dairanger. It means "Guard" (護, Go) and "Planet" (星, Sei). The kanji Goseija (護星者?, Planet Guardians) is also featured in the series logo. They are pretty much like, just as what have been said above, Planet Guardians.



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