Ryu Tendo: The Soldier of Tomorrow

Ryu Tendo... how rude of me not to make a spotlight for my favorite Jetman of all time and having written more on his rivalry with Guy Yuki first. So let's start shall we? His story started with being a normal soldier at the Skyforce with his girlfriend Rie Aoi when Commander Aya Odagiri spotted them and chose them to be the first two Jetmen volunteers to counter any incoming threat. Just as it was, Radiguet destroyed the battle station leaving only him and Aya Odagiri as the only survivors- or so he thought.

He was distressed about losing his beloved Rie Aoi but realized his duties as a Jetman. He had an easy time gathering the others except for his rival Guy Yuki who was destined to become Black Condor. He challenged Guy Yuki to a motor race which eventually awakened Guy Yuki's sense of justice when he chose to lose the match to save a civilian under the attack of Faucet Jigen. However the two had all their differences as he was a rather hot-tempered, stern individual which was demonstrated when he scolded Kaori Rokumekan for fouling up and when he gets mad at Guy Yuki's sharp sense of humor.

Trouble began to grew in his life when Kaori Rokumekan slowly fell for him while he yearned for Rie Aoi, he wanted to be with her and hear that theme on her piano. It was his birthday when his troubles brew especially when Guy Yuki disliked him more over Kaori Rokumekan's feelings for him. He was falling for her... but unsure if he can ever love again. Of course, this caused much strain in his life when Guy Yuki declared his love for Kaori Rokumekan and the two had a rivalry that brewed even hotter than it was.
Tragedy fell into his life and his weakness started appearing when he soon realized that Maria was actually a brainwashed Rie Aoi. He soon grew deluded and it wasn't helping as Guy Yuki and Kaori Rokumekan temporarily left the team. However a Guy Yuki who's character had matured into a better hero showed his strengths and awakened Ryu Tendo from his trance. Ever since then, he was dedicated to freeing his beloved Rie Aoi from her trance. This would soon lead to his ultimate tragedy. Also, he had demonstrated his ability as a con artist as he used a robot duplicate of himself (where did he get it?) to fool both teams to infiltrate Vyram.
He eventually met his second personal rival in rival in the person of Emperor Tranza who was apparently far more menacing than Radiguet was. He was able to show matters of great confidence especially when he defeated Tranza in battle just when all hope was lost. He was lured by a newly empowered Radiguet in the guise of a human to beat Tranza. When that happened, he was now open bait after Tranza suffered from severe injuries and was left in a senile state.
His personal battles with Radiguet were about to end. When he learned that Rie Aoi had become a vampire-like monster, he grew distressed. It was there when Radiguet decided to torture him all the more when he also became a vampiric monster. However his strong willpower and Kaori Rokumekan's help managed to help him defeat the hidden darkness within him. However he saw Radiguet murder Rie Aoi before his eyes after she turned to normal.

 He was soon fueled with revenge that could have gotten him killed. In a solemn moment, he saw his lover's ghost talk to him one more time while he was alone with Kaori Rokumeikan (who was temporarily knocked out by Radiguet) to realize he was in the wrong path.  I just thought that I wanted Ryu to personally kill Radiguet but it would be "too personal" and everything.  However in the end, he pulled the team together for the final battle.

Eventually the Jetmen won the final battle against Radiguet. Three years later he and Kaori Rokumekan got married. Whether or not Guy Yuki is dead is left to fan's imagination.


  1. Nice description. I also loved how you called Ryu the "Warrior of Tomorrow." Makes me wish there was a Jetman vs Timeranger. Oh well. Guess such stories can only be left up to fanfiction. :P

  2. Why not write one Fantasy Leader? There's a Jetman vs. Zyuranger fan-fiction over the Internet. However I like Jetman better than Timeranger.

  3. *shrugs* I guess I could. Though first, I need the time. LOL

    Yeah, I noticed. You mentioned Jetman as being Sentai's best in an earlier post. XD


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