Why I Think Some People Tend to Overshadow Super Sentai with Power Rangers

The fact is there's some heated debate between Power Rangers and Super Sentai fans ignoring the fact that Toei gave license to make Power Rangers from some of Super Sentai's footages or even lends their costumes to the specific agency (ex. Saban, later Disney). Here are a few reasons why based on my theoretical assumptions:

People tend to think just because it's American that it's better when that's NOT always true. In fact, there are just a LOT of American-produced shows that I don't want to remember and considered it spoiling my childhood regardless whether it was franchised or original production. Just a few examples are when I discovered that many of them don't get a proper ending. Why? In America, a show usually keeps going as long as it's popular and they actually don't give it a proper send-off which happened during the Zordon Arc era of Power Rangers until Power Rangers in Space when it finally ended (phew). It's also because of that caused the "jump the shark" scenarios more often times than not like how PR fans must have been disappointed to see their favorite characters leave because certain cast members had their own reasons for leaving.

It was also because Power Rangers was multi-racial. However in MMPR only two characters were non-whites- Zack a Kenyan as the black ranger and Trini an Asian as the yellow ranger which some considered racist by some but in my opinion NOT at all. Zack was actually a tougher fighter with real cool moves and he wasn't comedy relief. Trini was portrayed to be a really skilled fighter plus, the actress Thuy Trang (RIP) did her own stunts most of the time. In Sentai, I believe it's virtually impossible to have it realistically done due to language barriers. Both Sentai and PR however had unique personalities with each and every member. I think Haim Saban must have enjoyed Battle Fever J too much in the past to do this.

People judge too much by face value without viewing the other for lesser face value. How true indeed. In fact, I remembered as a child that a classmate of mine said that Maskman's Momoko is not as hot as Kimberly Hart was. Well I admit that even to today, I still think that Kimberly Hart is hotter and sexier than the rest of Super Sentai girls (and even PR girls), her beauty was way too classic in those days, even as an Asian guy I found her really gorgeous. However a hotter and sexier character doesn't make a script better you know. For example, Mei in Zyuranger has a more developed story than Kimberly Hart even if doesn't look as hot. Also, those hunky PR guys don't make the script better or at least make it good, it's their characters like how Leo in Lost Galaxy wouldn't be Leo if it wasn't for a good script.

I think the humor has something do with it too. I don't know but it seems Sentai's humor doesn't really click with PR humor most of the time. In fact, I don't even find Mr. Bean as funny as Japanese humor. Oh yeah in Super Sentai, there are some series that have members that start out to be comedy relief until they mature as the series progresses. See funny rangers in Super Sentai.

There's stuff created exclusively for Power Rangers like some joke characters, some cool gadgets, vehicles and villains NOT present in the original Super Sentai. Some of them fit well, some of well don't. For example, some of the cooler gadgets like battlizers however collapse the plot like too much focus on it. Another is that despite the presence of Emperor Grumm, he wasn't such a bad-ass original villain compared to Lord Zedd (before being toned down, everything about him was vicious but his putties needed a new design though :-P), Ransik (he added drama to Time Force like it was a Sentai series) or to that of Master Org who apparently paid tribute to the late Mumemaru Kouda (who played Dr. Man in Bioman and Gorma Emperor in Dairanger where the costume was taken from).

I think the music had to do something to this point . I've read how some of the most recent Power Rangers' fans have degraded Super Sentai music as "drunken karaoke night" or "disco music" and say Disney's PR music is better. However this area is kind of "too relative".

Not to mention I think it has to do with deaths of the heroes at the hands of villains. I mean, who can imagine if Tommy died in MMPR? Or what if Magna Defender died in Lost Galaxy (bringing back Karone was almost like Dragon Ball) and Quantum Ranger died in Time Force (he almost did)? See also Sentai deaths. Honestly speaking, I think Time Force's script may have planned to kill Quantum ranger too. :-( Besides, I kind of think that Bullblack fans should pick up Lost Galaxy instead and Time Fire fans should pick up Time Force instead.

Looking at these reasons, well, I think it's a matter of cultural differences and biases. As said, before you criticize a show, watch it first!


  1. This is why Power Ranger fanboys must always be ignored. We'll never stop them since there will never be any end to them attacking Sentai. Also, us Sentai fanboys must avoid attacking PR. Antagonizing them will only lead to more problems.

  2. Can I ask who even said that "being American is better?" Or saying because "Power Rangers was multi-racial?" Cause the Power Rangers fans I know DO NOT have that as a reason why they prefer PR over Sentai. How does that even overshadow Sentai?

    I think that they choose PR over Sentai because PR is more mature than Sentai. I've noticed all the post-Timeranger series have been goofy and silly (though not saying it's a bad thing) and stay that way every year except for maybe Boukenger, Gekiranger, Shinkenger, and Goseiger so far. PR may be for kids, but it's a bit more mature than Sentai. Sure, Sentai is more violent, but that doesn't mean mature.

    I'm not saying mature means better either. My point is, that's what most PR fans like more. Now let's say a fan like myself chooses RPM over Go-Onger. Even though I liked Go-Onger, I preferred RPM more, mainly because it had a better plot, better characters, etc. Some fans just can't take dancing cars seriously, which is probably another reason why some chose RPM over Go-Onger (but I'm not sure about that).

    Like what DancingAlienDude said, don't even worry about them. Just ignore them. Why should you even care about their opinion when you should care about your own?

  3. I started watching the Super Sentai series round 1986 with Flashman. For me Maskman and Liveman stand out as a couple of the best. After that I always felt the series was hit or miss. Mind you I've sat through every episode to current. I always thought the Power Rangers series started out with one of the weaker series. After watching Jetman, then the next year was Zyuranger, I was like what the hell. Dairanger saved me though. After Saban destroyed Kamen Rider Black RX, Speilban, B-Fighter, and Metalder, I never gave them another chance. Are the latest Power Ranger versions any good? Yep I'm old school, those crusty 80's, but I sure did love Shinkenger.

  4. To Shonen King,

    If you want good Power Rangers, try watching Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force and Wild Force.

  5. @Mega Purple- I think I forgot to mention most of these fans are children I'm referring to. In fact, back in those days, some children argued about how an American show was better only because it was American- that of course doesn't make any show better.

  6. Totally agree with you, DancingAlienDude. What they seem to be forgetting is that the Super Sentai series had lots more experience then Power Rangers & that SS had been around in the mid-70's before PR came along in the early '90s. If not for SS & if not for Saban's involvement, there would be no PR. It just wouldn't exist right now.

  7. @Garland- I agree with you. Besides, Toei allowed Saban to make Power Rangers from their footage and that way, both parties made a profit.


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