Poll Results as of March 30, 2010

Finally some of the polls have closed and I'm going to announce it yet again. Can't let anything like Jasmine-San hitting me the other day affect my work. :-P

What ethnic descent do you think I am? 44/74 think I'm half-Japanese, half-Chinese. 24/44 think I'm Japanese. 6/44 think I'm Chinese. Until then, keep guessing.

How long should polls last? 19/43 vote for one month, 15/43 vote for one week and 9/43 vote for two weeks. Dilemma... dilemma

Reasons you watch Super Sentai: out of 62 votes in total, we have 51 who watch it for awesome fight scenes, 48 for more dramatic storyline, 44 for funny wtf moments, 43 for hot Sentai heroines, 38 votes for both PR-Sentai fans and sad moments are more real in Sentai than PR, 37 for more evil villains, 31 because of love stories and 23 who really hate PR.

Concerning the Go-on Wings I have two questions about them:

Who would win in a fight RPM vs. Go-onger? 54/61 voted for the siblings Hiruto and Mio, only
7/61 voted for Gem and Gemma which is NOT surprising. Gem and Gemma don't stand a chance against Hiruto and Mio.

Do you find Hiruto and Mio less comical than the rest of the Go-ongers? 51/55 surprisingly do, only 4/55 don't. I'm with the side who thinks they're less comical.

Which is a Liveman rip off? 30/50 voted for Go-onger and 20/50 voted for Hurricanger. I'm on the side of Hurricanger which I may explain why.

Do you feel like Thuy Trang got killed by the Bio Killer Gun when you saw MMPR remastered? 28/41 said yes, 13/41 said no. Me I feel like she died like Mika Koizumi seeing those HORRIBLE edits that were done.

Who is the hotter Goseiger babe? 39/62 voted for Gosei Pink, 23/62 voted for Gosei Yellow. However I like Gosei Yellow better. Gosei Pink reminds me too much of Rainie Yang.

Do you still want to rewatch an unedited MMPR? 37/49 said yes, 12/49 said no. I think a lot of people feel too sick about the remastered version. Anyway, I don't think I'll bother. I'd rather watch Zyuranger-Kakuranger marathon. But maybe I'll reconsider watching season one and two again. Argh. Supreme effort really. Besides I have to admit I seem to have given up the idea of getting a Marika Reimon "look alike" in exchange for a Kimberly Hart "look alike". I don't know. Seriously.

What didn't you like about RPM? 39/46 pick it's too short, 30/46 think the script is poorly executed, 24/26 complain about a lack of action scenes, 23/46 complain about the finale, 21/46 find Gem and Gemma unlikeable and 18/46 think it's way too dark. I just used Gem and Gemma as a picture even if they're not top one reason. My reasons have to be too short, Gem and Gemma and the finale.


  1. I voted for Hurricaneger. But I wouldn't call it a "rip-off" of Liveman (sounds a bit too negative). I consider Hurricanger to have been more inspired by Liveman.

    Anyway, I voted for Hurricaneger, due to the two having similarities in their stories. Plus, both teams share the same colors and animals. XD

    Honestly, I don't see any bit of similarity between Liveman and Go-onger. Only thing I find similar is that they both have a animal/mecha motif, and both teams have the "red, blue, yellow, green, and black" combination on their team (and are the only two seasons to date to do so). Other than what looks obvious on the outside, I say these two shows have nothing in common. So I vote for Hurricanger, since it has lots of stuff where it can relate to Liveman.


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