Polls for March 12 Announcement

The poll results are:

1.) Who do you think is a Zordon rip off? 21 out of 31 votes went to Gosei Head and only 10 out of 31 votes went for Mr. Voice. He's closer to MMPR's Zordon than Mr. Voice was.

2.) I decided to get a vote from the Zyuranger-Kakuranger foot soldiers because they were used for MMPR. So far I'll show the results one by one. So we have:
18/36 votes for the Golems of Zyuranger.

7/36 votes for the Cotporos of Dairanger. I'm in this crowd.

11/36 votes for the Dorodoros of Kakuranger.

3.) Do you want Rikiya Koyama to appear in the flesh in Goseiger? 29/30 votes said yes. I too want to see him back in action even if he's aged.

4.) Do you think Super Sentai is getting stale? 20/39 said yes, 19/39 said no. Looks like I'll have to redo the poll in the future.

5.) Do you think Super Sentai should freeze for awhile? 12/36 said yes, 24/36 said no.

6.) Do you think the late Thuy Trang would stand a chance against Yukari Oshima? 19/24 said yes, 5/24 said no. I think she would judging at how her skills oftentimes overshadowed the others in the show for too long.

7.) Do you think Takumi Hirose's view of today's Sentai to be biased? We have 14/25 for yes, 11/25 for no. I think an even bigger scale may say yes.

8.) Who would win in a crossover fight? 15/22 voted for Bazoo, 7/22 voted for Vulgyre. Look at it at an Ego vs. Galactus angle in Marvel Comics.

9.) Do you like the combination of CGI flames and real flames in Goseiger? 30/32 said yes, only 2 said no.

10.) Which are easier to defeat? Lord Zedd's putties had 20/25 votes, only 5 votes for Hidrers. Not surprisingly. After all, the Changemen needed to transform before they can beat the Hidrers in one shot, the Power Rangers didn't have to do so. Even a simple toss of a ball on the Z emblem defeated them or if another putty kicked the other, poof they're gone at one hit. What made them easier to defeat is that they didn't have much of a brain than the Hidrers were- the Changemen had to change positions before they did the one hit kill on the Hidrers. I have to consider the fact that Lord Zedd relies too much on brute strength that he forgot about his putties' defense. LOL.


  1. 1. I didn't vote on this one, cause I didn't think either of them were Zordon rip-offs. XD

    2. I voted for the Cotpotros. They really know how to fight! :D

    3. Yes! It would be SO cool if he appeared in the flesh!

    4. I voted no, cause there's a reason why I'm still watching Super Sentai and enjoying it. :P
    I admit, the last couple seasons weren't the best. But that happens every now and then. I would've voted yes, ONLY if we got a ton of not so good seasons in a row. And that has yet to happen. Hope it doesn't. Cause Sentai of course, is awesome when it's good! ^_^

    5. I said no. This is due to my answer for number 4.

    6. I said yes. Thuy Trang can stand a chance against Yukari Oshima. ;)
    Will be tough though. :P

    7. I said no, cause Hirose is human like everyone else is. He is entitled to his own opinion. And that's perfectly alright. MAYBE his views are biased. But I've never met him, so I wouldn't know. Besides, it's not like Hirose's views matter more than anybody elses. He IS just another human like all of us after all.

    8. I voted for Bazoo. Mainly because I found him to be far more fearful than Vulgyre. Plus, as big as Vulgyre is... Bazoo is a living planet!

    9. I said yes! ^_^

    10. I think the putties are easier to defeat. Your reason Sean, I think is a good justification.


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