My Thoughts on Kamen Rider as a Sentai Fan

The fact is back then, it was kind of a Kamen Rider-Super Sentai fandom thing (not to mention, accompanied by the Metal Heroes) but it seems, Kamen Rider does play an important role. Okay I'm NOT making any Kamen Rider blog but I feel like I should talk about this.

It's been common knowledge that the late Shotarou Ishinomori started the idea of Sentai which he thought that if his hit hero Kamen Rider was good, why not try a team? I think without Kamen Rider, I don't think Super Sentai would come to place. Just a theory.

Anyway, as a Sentai fan, I enjoyed the older Kamen Riders especially the Kotaro Minami saga which lasted for two seasons (Black and Black RX). I was especially a big fan of the Black RX series as my favorite rider of all and got upset about how Haim Saban adapted it into his own version (which was a failure despite linking it to his hit show MMPR in the episodes "Friend in Need") and failed at it.

Unlike Super Sentai, Kamen Rider didn't release any more TV series after Black RX ended in 1989 but only short movies like Shin Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider J and Kamen Rider ZO which were but 45 minutes long. Eventually Kuuga appeared...yeah. However most of them didn't interest me anymore like Ryuki or the rather dragging Den-O which caused me lose interest in the newer series as a whole. Instead, I felt like Super Sentai managed to keep itself "fresh" and "classic" despite ups and downs.

Eventually there was the Decade-Shinkenger crossover. I kind of thought of it that maybe, just maybe I should reconsider what I think of Kamen Rider.

However this is just subject to my opinion. As for Kamen Rider blogs, leave that to Igadevil, he's good at it!


  1. Well, you probably just don't know how to like them then.

  2. Den-O was like those comedy Sentai's like Go-onger or Carranger with an apocalyptic end, that is why some fans in HJU Forums label Den-O as Den-Oranger.

    From the Heisei Era, the shows that I liked are Agito, Blade, Hibiki, Den-O, Kiva and currently, W.

    W returned to the classical feel of Kamen Rider with some additional elements.

    I am still planning to watch older Kamen Rider shows namely Kamen Rider, V3, X, Stronger, New Kamen Rider, Super-1 and BLACK RX and Kuuga.

  3. @Fantasy Leader- I can be very biased as a person, believe me.

  4. @Sean

    Well, it's your opinion to be biased. If you're happy with it, that's fine.

  5. i think rider series always have something completely new a lot of times, agito was a in-dirct sequel to kuuga, but it was very diff from kuuga. then came ryuki with the rider war, very diff from the other two. faiz was diff as well with the many characters they had and how the monsters were still human sort of.blade came and the reason why this one was diff is because of the story of this one it seemed very simple at first, but they make the story very complex with joker. hibiki was a very diff series with the oni and it is mostly rememberable because of the great chemistry the characters have. kabuto came and with the worm who copy humans, the series did have odd characters, but very enjoyable ones. den-o was a comedic series with the many characters it had. kiva came with a lot of people getting knocked out and tons of plot twists. decade was a huge crossover series and it was really enjoyable of a series with the hero. double is the current one and the series has the villians as really big roles, mostly the royal family and isaka, the series has a good cop like feeling to it and the bonds between characters in this one are the best i have seen in rider so far

  6. i also think that rider series have been fresh because they always have diff plots, with sentai they mostly keep common elements, i agree black and black rx were great series, but i liked kuuga and blade much better, mostly because they were very dark series, and blade had a really good ending, with kuuga he does get tons of focus, but many other characters get tons of focus, i would think you would like hibiki because it did have a sentai feel to it because they do fight together many times in the series


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