How I Really Thought of Shinkenger

Okay it's been awhile since Shinkenger ended but I really think that the whole series is really action packed although I don't count it the best as to berate Power Rangers RPM with it (they're NOT even parallel translations, so why use Shinkenger?). True there may be better Sentai like Dairanger in the 90s and Dekaranger in the 2000s but the show I think may not be surpassed by Goseiger, even if Goseiger will do well.

The plot was kind of not exactly original but more "spiced up". My first thoughts were like it was a fusion of ideas from Maskman (you've got Takeru too), Kakuranger (the Japanese myths) and well kind of Dairanger (but not as great though :-P). And I'm to say even the first few episodes were better than Goseiger, Goseiger is kind of a show my 18 year old sister would enjoy.

The heroes:

I think the characters are kind of likable especially Takeru/Shinken Red. Okay he may share the same name with Red Mask as Takeru, both may be likable characters with their leadership, a jerk in some way but he's way more badass and an interesting character than the previous Takeru. Why? Well that's because there's just something about Shinken Red we don't know of until the series progresses. On the other hand, Red Mask was too focused on his love story with Ial.  It was interesting to know despite him being a shadow warrior, he's still the best fighter there is.

Mako well she's really likable as the team mom despite the fact she's a horrible cook. I kind of just got disappointed on how her interactions with Takeru don't materialize so well to a real relationship. She was almost like Pink Mask in a way with her love for children.  She brought back my memories of the time when I had a crush on Momoko and later Kimberly Hart.  As far as I can say, she's currently the most gorgeous female ranger in Sentai dethroning Marika Reimon.

Chiaki well, he's less of a rebel ranger and not one to irritate me much compared to how Guy Yuki was in Jetman at the early part.  He can be pretty interesting with the use of unorthodox methods and mixing them with orthodox methods.

 There's not much to talk about Ryonusuke and Kotoha for me except they're just your average Sentai characters, except that it took a long time for Kotoha to use the battlizer while the others did. BTW Ryonusuke is a reference to Blue Ranger WAY back in Goranger being a blue archer!  With Ryunosuke the only notable feature might be that he's got undying loyalty that can be annoying.

Genta was kind of interesting. Well he's a funny guy but I like him (although Shinken Red is my favorite) especially how a simple sushi chef turns into a superhero. He adds comedy to the show because when something gets too dark (like how I found Liveman to be), I kind of won't enjoy the series. His friendship with Takeru is another backstory was rather interesting too especially how he got ousted and returned back as a Shinkenger. I always imagined him as "X-1 Mask" in the show because he helped pull the Shinkengers out of trouble during the first henshim.

Of course Daigoyou the "seventh ranger" was an interesting fellow. It's kind of funny how he's got an activation switch on his buttocks.

The "eighth ranger" is Kaoru, the true head of the Shiba clan. Although she was an interesting character, too bad she never fought with the Shinkengers for the finale. I kind of find this backstory needing a LOT of explaining why she decided to let Takeru come back and become the red ranger again.  Her best part is to punish her retainer Tanba with her fan.

The mecha:

The series' mecha for me is kind of toyish at first. I kind of got reminded of Battle Fever J with the Shinken Oh. The add ons were okay except for the Kajiki Origami which had a rather dumb finisher- would prefer the sky drop attack of Heavy Armor Chi Palace from Dairanger any day which flattens opponents. The funniest combination has to be Tenku Shinken-Oh with its bulky design- how can the stuntman do it?

I liked the mecha of Genta best especially the Ika Origami and Ebi Origami. Ebi Origami has to be the coolest robot in the bunch with its robot mode as Daikaioh. Also, the combination between Shinkenoh and Daikaioh as Daikai Shinkenoh is radical- better than that rather funny Tenku Shinkenoh which nearly made me drop the show for awhile. The other four mecha that aren't combined into this become a rather big cannon.

Mougyudaioh reminds me too much of Gingaman's Bull Taurus mecha. Not really that fascinating. However he's essential to forming Samuraihaoh the "Ultrazord" of the series which is way bigger and bulkier than the rest. However I like Engine G12 better though. :-P

The villains:

I find the villains to be much like a combination of Tube and Youkai. They are not one-sided, even there are interesting plots that brew between them.

For example, Emperor Doukoku has a history of wanting to drown the world in darkness, he is merciless and he's much like Emperor Zeba in personality except he doesn't turn out to be just a monster of week. Like how? He is insane and hates all humans alike. He has a huge hatred on the Shiba house for sealing him away and he returns to ensure his revenge is complete.  Worse he treats his own followers like dirt.  And of course, the battle with him was too intense as to LITERALLY destroy the mecha. Hmmm Sentai may need more destroyed mecha. Hee hee.  It was kind of fun to see him resurface only to dry up and later absorbed Dayu into him so he could really be more bad-ass than he was.  Yet in the end, the wound from the sealing character became his downfall.

Dayu is kind of a tragic villain with a bitter love story, her selfishness destroyed her. Hmmm again we're taught tragedy should either be our path to light or to darkness. She has an interesting rivalry with Shinken Pink as well as gaining another tragic lover in Juzo. Of course, she was one of those villains that died a sacrificial death for their leaders which kind of was like how Oyobur sacrificed himself as a last act of loyalty to Zeba except she was forcibly absorbed by her master.

Shitari- well I think he's like Anagubas in Maskman, being a knowledgeable and all guy. He is fiercely loyal to his master and hides the dark secrets of the emperor himself. He also was the one to discover that Takeru was adopted and Kaoru was the real heir when he intended to kill Takeru. His death though was kinda lame. Wish he died in battle than drown in a ship. Maybe he survived.

Juzo well he's an interesting character. He seems to combine the characters of Baraba and Kiros- both rivals to Red Mask. Why? Like Baraba he scoffs and like Kiros, he has no real alliance with anybody. Like Dayu who becomes a monster out of sinful nature, so does he. He however has an honorable way of doing things, even to make sure that Takeru doesn't die so easily in combat. He carries a sword forged by his family's desire for him to stop his bloodlust, a source of his self-contradictory side. He and Shinken Red had plenty of "Chinese action" moments despite the show being of Japanese motif. He was also involved with stopping Akomaru's plan which the Shinkengers benefited. When Takeru finished him in battle (which happened after Takeru was ousted for awhile), his bloodlust ended and he fades away to the afterlife for judgment.

Akomaru well, well spoke as a traitor to the emperor. I kind of think he was an interesting guy because he plotted to overthrow the emperor. So maybe another "Kiros" character. He recruits Juzo and Dayu to assist him, only to fail in his plans. He planned to open the world to the Netherworld but failed, eventually he was destroyed laughing as his request was granted, as his death helped fuel the portals to their open, that is the opening of the gates of the Netherworld.  However he could have been more developed as a scheming villain.  So far he's my favorite villain in the series- being scheming and all.

Combat scenes:

Combat scenes have NEVER gotten more ridiculous since Dekaranger. Why? I think battling the foot soldiers the Nanashi enlarged will complicate damages for the city more than ever. Also, they are way more awesome in human sized battles than the giant battles. I think the best fight has to be the final battle between Takeru and Juzo as it focused on them than anything else with all the exchange of blows.


Okay the show's GREAT for me but not everybody may like it. In fact, they may like the better predecessors. Also, I kind of got disappointed that Takeru and Mako never materialized, even if there were hints of them being a couple. I just hope they get together soon. :-P Also, I really would say that you should check out the show if you like martial arts based Sentai and also try checking Dairanger, Kakuranger, Hurricanger and Gekiranger and decide which is the best martial arts Sentai.  the only thing that really was too weird was when Kaoru Shiba adopted Takeru Shiba as her son in some way, well I wonder if it's even legal but it can be a good running gag aside from Mako Shiraishi's cooking and Genta Umemori's funny antics.


  1. I'm glad that nothing happened between Takeru and Mako (or Takeru and Kotoha, or Chiaki and Kotoha - I think there were hints of those as well.) Sentai is about teamwork and friendship, not romance and that's why I was so disappointed that Genta was not with Takeru and the others in episode 47 when they told him they still wanted him to be their leader.


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