A Rather Valid Statement About Shinkenger

Anonymous said:

I think the extreme Shinkenger fans either like the pretty cast too much or they just haven't watched a lot of older series. You might still like Shinkenger a lot but if you'd seen something pre-2000 or even pre-Dekaranger I don't know how people could agree that it's the best series ever: it's got a lacking main villain (Doukoku, who spends much of the show sitting about doing nothing), a dozen episodes in the middle where nothing happens, and stuff like Ushi Origami that basically has no relevance to the plot and doesn't show up in the big final battle. I know a lot of people who are big Shinkenger fans but because they've watched some Sentai that's more than a few years old, they don't say it beats Timeranger or Gaoranger for best series of the 2000s.

My comment:

I kind of agree. Extreme Shinkenger fans should watch the older series first. Why? It pays to have an open mind at a certain extent. After all, there are still series better than Shinkenger and I can say that positively. It may have interesting plot twists but out there, there are still better plot twists in some of the Sentai before it, even in the 90s or 80s.

I like the series but not as much as its predecessors especially Gekiranger (which was really more solid than this series in my opinion) or Dekaranger which kind of was a fresh face for a series. And I agree that Doukoku is kind of a lacking main villain like Zeba was in Maskman, both characters just sit around, almost doing nothing and not even planning much.


  1. I liked Shinkenger, since it's focus was on martial arts, and ShinkenPink really got a good showing as being both formidable, stronger and more skillful than Green with more experience than Yellow. Generally, the girls in sentai are depicted as weaker or less overtly powerful than the boys, so I liked how Pink and Yellow were actually better fighters than Green. But I grew up during the Megaranger era, and that series had a lot of great scenarios. I also agree with you about Gekiranger - another martial arts focus, but it seemed to me that making the focus on the fighting and not comedy really enabled the creators to let loose and craft a solid series. Shinkenger did meander during the middle, never gave all of it's members the ability to turn into Supershinkenger at the same time and the main enemies were pathetic. I did like the final episodes, but the battles actually seemed really repetitive in episodes 47, 48 and 49 with only a one minute fight scene to finish off Dayuu. What a let down!

  2. @Drew-

    Girls were usually portrayed weaker and most of the time the smart ones or the witty ones.

    I agree with what you say that Gekiranger is solid compared to Shinkenger. It also has a better story.

    Also with Shinkenger, the main enemies were pathetic- yup. The only interesting bad guys were Akomaru and Juzo.

    BTW Dairanger is still for me the best martial arts Sentai.

  3. I liked all the villains in Shinkenger. ^_^'

  4. shinkenger was good, but it isnt my fave series there were somethings wrong with the series, one big thing i liked was the villians, but the mecha in that series wasnt that good, i have seen other series that r better like dairanger, boukenger, and go onger. now i know some people didnt like go onger, but i did


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