Villains Portrayed as Devoted Children to their Mothers

Well villains aren't pure evil either. Some have their values of respect too you know. Here are some of the devoted villainous children to their mothers.

In Maskman we have Commander Baraba who in episode 30 has an episode with his mother. For once, I felt pity for him having to see his mother die like that before he gets the Royal Underground Sword. His mother was played by Soga Machiko who was Hedrian in Denziman/Sun Vulcan and later as Witch Bandora in Zyuranger and whose footage was used to create Rita Repulsa in MMPR. In a joke sub on Youtube, Okerampa's "yare yare" was translated as "Baraba's mom is Rita Repulsa."

Prince Kai in Zyuranger was devoted to his mother Bandora even as a ghost who was brought back to life by Dai Satan. His second time to physically die had him and his mother to have an emotional time together. I heard somewhere he was supposed to be named Bubba for MMPR way before the decision to extend the series was done.

Buldont was a devoted son to his mother despite his evil nature, in fact it was his mother who was able to help him secure his rightful throne as his father's successor. In the end, he and his wife Maruchiwa had a son named Buldont Jr. who Maruchiwa saved by offering her life in exchange for the baby's.

The Saima clan was devoted to their mother. (Thanks Lavender Ranger... I forgot. Hee hee.)


  1. What about the villains of GoGoFive?

  2. @Lavender Rangers

    GoGoFive were loyal to their father. They didn't know much about their mother during most of the series.

  3. My favorites among these are the Saima. Despite what a bitch Grandinu was, they still did everything they could, just for her. I wish they survived. :(

    And yeah,that "yare yare" "sub" was actually put into the Maskman episodes from cscentrl, as official releases. It was funny, but not a very good idea for actual subs if you ask me.


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