My Picks as My Most Favorite Sentai Male Rangers

Here is a good list of my favorite rangers in Sentai and some of the reasons why. Well here they are:

Ryuuta Nanbara/Blue Three- So far I liked him the best because he had a really cool array of moves plus he was the most nimble of them all. Also I liked him most during his short confrontation with the Prince.  Like him I did have some moments as a bully until I realized I wasted much of myself.

Oozora Yuuma/Change Pegasus- He's my favorite Changeman member because we had some insanity experiences. In fact, I like his character more than the others because of his one WTF move- the horrible singing attack as well as he seems to be more interesting.

Jin/Red Flash- He's the Flashman with the most insanely powerful moments plus he's a good leader. My favorite battle has to be with Kaura where he nearly died but survived.

Takeru/Red Mask- He was the only member of the Maskman team I liked, maybe because me and him had some attitude problems as children like I was frequently being punished for misbehavior at school before XP. I think it also has to do with the fact that he is fiery and all.

Riki Honoo/Red Turbo- I was quite like him as a student. I liked him also because like him, we both improved for the better from being lazy students to those that strive for the better. Liked him best during his most dangerous battles especially his one-on-one battle with Ragorn.

Daichi Yamagata- He counts because of his rather selfless attitude and he's the counterbalance of Riki Honoo in the team. Jason Lee Scott of MMPR reminded me of him.

Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk- Okay he's the "other me". I kind of liked him not only because he was the leader but he's what I'm aiming to be as a person. Like him, we both like hot milk and have had romance troubles.

Guy Yuki- I think I'll add him in because he pretty much is tougher than Ryu Tendo and that he's the one who returned Ryu Tendo back to normal. I have to admit I disliked him at first.

Burai/Dragon Ranger- He was the only character in Zyuranger I liked that much. Too bad though that after he reconciled with Geki, he was set to die already. Good thing though his soul appeared to assist the Zyurangers near the finale.

Ryu/Ryuranger- I like him because of his really bad-ass dragon style kung fu in the show.

Gorou Hoshino/Oh Red- I can't deny he's one incredibly badass commander.  I'd say his initial appearance proved just how much better he is than Tommy.

Kenta Date/Mega Red- Sort of having the same reason why I like Riki Honoo, however he's not that badass but still a likable character who gradually improves overtime.

Gaku Washio/Gao Yellow- He's the more ideal leader for the group than Kakeru Shishi. I like the fact he's an air force pilot.

Shirogane/Gao Silver- I liked him because he was a mysterious and interesting character. Okay I admit I liked Gaku Washio at first but I found the latter not to be very interesting IMO.

Banban Akaza/Deka Red- I have to admit I initially disliked him but having a hyperactive personality, I grew to like him as he matured in the series. In fact, he seems to be a spoiled brat but he grows to be more tolerable. In fact, he's a comedy relief that helps ease up the serious tension of the show. I think he's been pretty well-developed for somebody who's way too hyper at the start.

Hoji Tomasu/Deka Blue- I find him to be kind of another Ryu Tendo character, IMO an improved one because he was less controlled by emotions and didn't show much of a thirst for revenge. I find his mysterious behavior amazing. Also, he seems arrogant but he's a nice guy. I think he's just acting to be a jerk to hide his true self. I find him to be the most likable character in the show.

Tetsu Aira/Dekabreak- For some reason, I really liked him but not as much as Hoji though. Sigh I liked him as much as I liked Tommy Oliver in MMPR Season 1-2. He reminds me of how likable Tommy was in Power Rangers. LOL. He and Hoji Tomasu make a great duo for me compared to the other male duos you can think of for Dekaranger. Just watch episode 26 to find out why.

Satoru Akashi/Bouken Red- I like him due to his professionalism and that's he's a really good actor as well. I also like how his devotion doesn't easily die out.

Eiji Takaoka/Bouken Silver- I think he's actually my top Boukenger. Why? Well unlike the others, he's got a really dramatic back story of him being half-human, half-Ashu and not only that, I find his rivalry with the Questers to be even more dramatic than the other rivalries in the group. Also, like him I have a huge love for vegetables. I kind of rooted for him and Sakura Nishihori when they had some subtle hints but that didn't happen. :-(

Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red- I think the last in the list would be Takeru Shiba. Why? He's a souped up version of Red Mask and he's even a better fighter than his true retainer Kaoru Shiba (who was a pretty nice character). He is probably the most skilled red ranger. He can get to be aloof at times but Mako Shiraishi is his balance.


  1. I like how you compared yourself to some of these characters Sean.Loved how you described Takeru and Riki. LOL ^__^

  2. Would you be doing a female version of this one? As in most favorite female rangers?

  3. How about GAI YUUKI? Jetman Black Condor, I think the Jetman series will not be good without him & his Attitude...


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