Sentai's Two Youngest Rangers- They're Children!

Here are Sentai's two youngest warriors and how I thought of them. With some people who didn't see much of Sentai and more of Power Rangers may not be surprised or would be surprised at this because of Justin, the first child ranger

Kou of Dairanger- He's the first child ranger in Sentai history. Well you've got to admit that he's only nine years old and he's one really annoying brat, not your ideal roommate and all especially if you're an attractive woman like Lin. Besides just imagine if he really crossed the Sentai-PR timeline, I think Kimberly would be his first target. However he also has a dramatic storyline which however led him to mature as the series progresses which I think Justin didn't have, although Justin is less annoying for a roommate than he is. XP Some non-Japanese fans dare call him "Justin disgracing Tommy."

Riki may be biologically younger but he's more mature than Kou was. Okay he's a little bit older than Kou for a minor. He was set into suspended animation into King Pyramider. Okay he was from ancient mankind thousands of years ago so he's not very knowledgeable about modern day like the Zyurangers were when he first appeared. I think he's not even annoying and a pretty likable character compared to Kou. In fact, I have no qualms about having rangers below 13 as long as they're not little perverts.


  1. Hey, now, Lin liked Kou. I know some fans speculate they might have got married because as an old lady she kept Kou's picture in her house ...


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