Personality Types of Sentai Group Members

Hee hee! This just crossed my mind as of recent.

Here are the types of Sentai members and the personalities you'll encounter. You don't find them all though. Here are the personality types as far as I can remember:

There are the extremely aloof type. Takeru Shiba of Shinkenger counts as one and so does Takeru of Maskman. They also have a fiery temper.

The level-headed type of ranger. They can go from leader to second-in-command. Some second-in-commands are under leaders who's not very ideal to lead. Hoji Tomasu has to be the most level-headed IMO even if he can get arrogant at times.

There is the rebel of a ranger. Some of them can be the second-in-command like Gai Yuki.

There are the smart rangers in Sentai. They can apply to the "chick" of the group most of the time although some males do make it too. But I like women being the smart ones because they're not that tough.

Some of the rangers are extreme skeptics. I think Jasmine-San fits as well.

There is the type of ranger who fights in a bad-ass way. Banban Akaza is my favorite example.

There are the strong but gentle rangers. I like to use Raita Ooshi as an example.

There are also rangers who have a short attention span and tend to rush into battle.

There are also rangers who are experts in the field of acting and disguise and they're mostly women.

There are the roses have thorns rangers. They are hot and sexy but they can prick their enemies real hard with their deadly thorns.

There are also the air-headed characters too who are unusually bright and cheery and I like going out with these kinds of people. Sort of. Eri for me is my favorite example. She's also a bad cook.


  1. Houka Ozu/ Magipink is my favorite airhead!

  2. My favorite Badass red ranger is Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk


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