Does a Funny Sentai Mean It's Bad?

So far Sentai fans had the bad habit of berating funny Sentai. However I have to say that something funny doesn't mean it has a bad script.

Here are just the series that can get berated for its campiness:

Carranger- This show aside from being overrated as "the one that saved Sentai", some of the more serious Sentai fans berate it to being too funny. I mean just a few episodes and I think it's even funnier than MMPR with an idiotic leader in Kyousuke Jinnai/Red Racer and how Dappu is so much of a comic relief. Well, even the villains are funny (except Exhaus). However looking at the fact that it was called the series that saved Sentai, then it has to be a good season although I like Turboranger better than this upgrade version. I can say that its finale is WAAAAY more awesome than in Turboranger especially the fact that Gynamo could use his expired imo-youkan to shrink down the extremely killjoy final villain Exhaus.

Go-onger- This is another show that got berated for being funny. IMO it's the funniest Sentai and I believe it defeated MMPR in terms of campiness, it's as if Skull has found the perfect group of rangers to hang out with (except Hiruto and Mio) and most of them are goofier than Gem and Gemma in RPM. Because of the campy nature, some fans prefer not to check how good the storyline really was and it was an awesome show. Besides, I think the humor isn't nonsense either. Besides, having a funny show like Go-onger may help one forget the really dramatic moments in Gekiranger (which was a pretty serious series). Some fans however berated the fact that for a lighthearted series, it had an apocalyptic finale.

However thinking about it, happy and sad endings are all a reality so why keep focusing on the dark things? You need to laugh sometimes after all. Hee hee.


  1. i agree i loved go onger this was the first sentai series i saw and it got me into sentai, i hate when ppl rant on it, i thought rpm though was really bad IMO because i loved go onger soooooo much that seeing this complete change and other little changes ticked me off

  2. No, It doesn't. I hate that sterotype. In terms of the fanbase. I know you only write about Sentai but it also applies to Kamen Rider specifically Den-O. I never saw the godly appeal of Shinkenger. Granted I saw the entire show and I liked it but I feel Shinkenger is highly overrated over it's predecessor. I never saw Carranger though but I just finished Turbo.....It wasn't that bad as people say. So I'll give Carranger a go

  3. Really, I don't understand why some people think Go-Onger is a terrible series. To me, it has well-executed humor and a good storyline, without any overly annoying characters.


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