My Favorite Sentai Mecha Designs

While there are some Sentai mecha designs I have not much of a comment on, here are those I think are really cool:

Turbo Builder- I am amazed at this base robot!

Max Magma- After the Magmabase goes robot mode, I really find this cool!

Great Icarus- It has this really cool design I just can't explain why.

Hyper Haken- Just the coolest jetplane in Super Sentai ever!

Dragon Caesar- I like it for its tribute to Godzilla design.

Kyokyoku Daizyujin- I like it for its huge cannons and rider formation.

Dairenou- I'm just SO in love with the armor design.

The Heavy Armor Chi Palace- I like its unique design for some reason.

Dekabase Robo- It was the first base robot to walk and also it has plenty of awesome weapons.

Dekawing Robo- I like its design especially to how it can become a giant bazooka.

Ultimate Daibouken- So far from all the multiple mecha joining together, this is the coolest.

Mougyudaioh- I think this is Shinkenger's coolest mecha.  The rest IMO is not really that cool.

Samuraihaoh- I like how the eleven mecha of Shinkenger combine into this one awesome powerhouse.


  1. Dynarobo design is normal and Delta Mega is a homage to Gobot's Fightor. What you left out is Change Robo with the biggest Conehead in a a robot.

  2. Maybe it's a personal opinion thing but including your picks, Great Five, Super Live Robo, Turbo Robo where the epitome of Transformers cool. Kyoryu Jin, Muteki Shogun,Oh Blocker had the the extract design that is unforgettable. Galaxy Mega and Delta Mega had the hi-tech touch. Goutarus and Geki Touja where just Animal fun (though I wish Gekiviolet's mecha was a torso part not a leg).


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