Older Super Sentai Series I Find to be Really My Top Three "Classic" and "Unforgettable" Ones

Here are some Super Sentai shows I find to be really classic and why... plus I ended up rewinding these all over again despite the fact I've enjoyed other stuff, these ones for me are well, too hard to let go of.

Warning: Some spoilers ahead to younger Super Sentai fans (let's just say maybe you're below 18 or so), proceed at your own risk.  If you're a younger Power Rangers fan new to enjoying the joys of Super Sentai (you might be watching Shinkenger or Boukenger), I suggest you can check some of these out.  Of course, I encourage you to check out the opinions of Fantasy Leader, Mr. Smith, That Chick and Chris X for their views on what they count as their top three classics for older Super Sentai.  I'd say you might as well also check out Goggle V and Gingaman- they're still good series.

Chojin Sentai Jetman- Here's another series I don't really treat as eye candy (despite my crush on Ako back then, she's among a few I admire character-wise).  What makes me think Jetman is a true classic is with how Toshiki Inoue as its head writer managed to create a cast of characters who I felt I could relate to people I was running into that time.  The creating of a darker love story with Ryu and Rie as well as his inner conflict that he has hidden for some time which I could relate to or how Ryu despite being a competent leader later showed signs of breaking down or falling apart when he realized Rie had become the Vyram officer Maria.  The character development of Gai Yuki from start to finish from a gambler, womanizer, rebel to becoming the main hero's best friend, his relationship with Kaoru although I do have my beefs with how he died at the end but I just let it slide since things like those DO HAPPEN which maybe I'll credit it as the BEST development in the series despite the fact I'll always be a Red Hawk fan.  Kaori's development from a typical rich girl to a heroine (happened pretty fast though) or to her entering a love triangle with Ryu and Gai Yuki (and the two became a couple but broke up when they realized they are vastly too different but still remained friends, good thing)- or for Raita his relationship with everyone is just fun to watch.  Aya Odagiri despite being female shows she's really capable of leaving the work left behind by most of her superiors which she did, fortunately she didn't die like her Gatchaman II counterpart Sylvie Pandora or had a daughter turned Vyram.  She's still always in my list of favorite female mentors, in fact she appeals to me more than Miki Masaki though I still like Miki Masaki, I dare say Miki Masaki has some inspiration from her. The villains too tend to show some real life examples.  Count Radiguet symbolizes the gradual progress of becoming a complete monster as well as his refusal for redemption is pretty realistic for me (he was after all partly based on Egobossler from Gatchaman Fighter except he's a genocidal maniac quite like Galvatron was in in the third season Transformers) to which he really shows a villain that's counted today by many including myself as the biggest SOB to exist especially with his lust for Maria was just plain disturbing.  The tragic end of Maria shows sometimes romances are meant to end badly (seriously speaking, I cried when she died as Radiguet killed her out of the fact he can no longer have her, that lustful bastard!).  Gure's more human side despite being a villain and well for Tran to Tranza, power that's easy come is usually easy go.  Jetman somehow also revolutionized Sentai writing.  Words can't describe how I felt when Toshihide Wakamatsu appeared in Gokaiger 28 even if there were some minor issues I could slide away (like Gai Ikari's inability to see Gai Yuki).  This is first place for me until today... but I respect those who have other views like Fantasy Leader's love for Gingaman as his top Sentai or those who think Jetman isn't number one.

Gosei Sentai Dairanger- Looking past the eye candy this series provides is a really dark and complex story that might keep you thinking harder.  I don't put it above Jetman, Jetman's still number one for me.  However I'll give this credit aside from taking elements from Changeman (mythical beast theme), Maskman (martial arts and aura power) and well from Jetman and Zyuranger aesthetics-wise, it also takes the story elements which makes me say it appeals to both genders plotwise... or that Lin really gives women somebody to look up to for managing to stand out in a group of males.  What I find lovely about this series would be the complex plots one that starts with Ryou's hesitation to accept his destiny to accepting it, Ryou's father had the Star Wars feel even if it was just so short, the characters in learning of their destiny and well let's just say maybe I'll give some fair tribute to how the mecha are perhaps better written plotwise than Jetman though I still like Jetman better.  The love story of Daigo and Kujaku was quite centered on the idea that love doesn't always save the day or making sacrifices for the greater good which I really liked about how it was written.  Kou's entrance into Dairanger is where he starts of as a perverted child, learns better and he is tied into the villains more than you think and I do like the idea of him being a child ranger.  Also, Kou is definitely NOT Justin disgracing Tommy.  For the villains, I do find their mysterious ways of operating to be something that scares my pants off or fills me with suspense.  The plot behind the villains is so mysterious and let's just say maybe filled with plenty and I mean PLENTY of conspiracy within them.  The Triumvirate has Shaddam, Gara and Zaidos who are more than just an imitation of the Big Three in Bioman and the revelations behind them.  Shaddam just really is an awesome villain and the fact he doesn't care about his wife and two sons Kou and Akomaru though Kou never found out of his paternity with a well deserved karmic end- I guess the fact he crumbled to clay was divine punishment or two, he created a clay body to extend his life and forgot about the fact he did or he does symbolize how too much power drives you insane.  Sidenote- I really wished Daisuke Tachi played Shaddam, then again Rintaro Nishi did a good job as well... just a Jetman hangover.  Gara, well it's a pity she thought she was the real Gara until the real Gara showed up and revealed she was just clay.  For Zaidos, he's what I'd call a deadlier version of Monster from Bioman.  The Emperor does intrigue me in certain ways- while he does creep me out, he also shows a senile self that he was never ready for any possible revolt like Dr. Man was in Bioman (both were played by the same actor)- in fact that flaw made Shaddam succeed where Mason failed or to why he was just made of clay or was that clay body just a copy of the emperor or in my view, it's the Emperor's second body.  For Jin, he's not exactly a villain but more of a noble villain who eventually called a truce to Ryou after their rather well-written rivalry thanks to Toshiki Inoue's involvement.  For the monsters, I do like how they are executed especially their personalities or being tied to certain characters like Mirror Magician was tied to Gara and Kujaku.  I probably would also count Master Kaku's surprise of being a Gorma who wanted to stop the wars to be good writing, even if I was disappointed that he died.  I'm glad that Ryou had good screen time in Gokaiger with his team up with Gai Ikari.

Hikari Sentai Maskman- Male or female alike, I guess nobody who likes older Sentai can forget the love story between Takeru and Ial or the charm the series has character-wise.  I find this to be among a fewer Sentai I don't treat superficially despite my crush on Momoko, I just had my initial desire that Takeru be together with Ial though I ended up shifting to the fan-preferred pairing.  What makes Maskman so classic for me aside from being the first Sentai with a running theme of bittersweet love (and yep, I soon expected Takeru and Ial to split up in the end, tears) was also how not only it created the martial arts theme but also imo created templates for better characters in the future.  Akira's development as the youngest member of the group was fun to see, Kenta's misadventures with women (though one ended up pretty badly) as well as Haruka's backstory as a ninja where despite not being attractive to me, I do like her.  Yup I may have had some minor disappointments like Momoko not having as much focus as I wanted (although she may have introduced the elegant badass but I could be wrong) yet it's still a classic for me.  The villains are what I'd call misguided villains- especially Igam who really keeps some suspense to the characters while her revelation that she's a woman disguised as a man is made known way earlier to the watcher than to the Maskmen or my favorite plot would be hints to Zeba's secret identity or the mystery of the Igam family.  I just really felt sorry for Igam with her bigotry, hatred, being raised as a man (seriously she's already got skills to lead so why raise her as one just because there was no son?!) and her biased hatred towards Takeru for loving her sister Ial all in the name of bias against surface dwellers.  Kiros was also unforgettable with how his quest for gold and eventually Ial led to his tragic downfall, he was my favorite villain the series and I tend to think like he does no offense.  I won't mind rerunning this series as many times as I can to help improve my writing or for stupid reasons, drool over choreography and aura power plus the musical score.  Unfortunately, there was no Maskman tribute episode in Gokaiger.  Plus, I also envy those who were able to meet Kazunori Inaba in person, I wish I was there too!


  1. I easily agree with these three series. Jetman felt like an 80's sentai because of how dark it was. Jetman also has my favorite villain from the franchise, Grey. Dairanger is my number one though because it had the 80's feel along with the 90's feel with many elements blended in. Finally Maskman I haven't seen fully, but I am really enjoying the characters like Blue Mask.

  2. For the top 80s is Maskman- the.show that started it all.
    Liveman- dark drama and characters and Megumi Mori
    Turborangers- nostalgia and the final salute to the 80s.
    The 90s are
    Zyurangers - great formula and it started Super Sentai mania for the U.S.
    Dairangers- nuff said
    Megarangers- Sentai was cool again with this series and was the mist popular U.S. adaptation.
    I would like to count Kakurangers but after the weak and undramatic finale I felt let down.


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