Sentai Awards Part 6: Sentai Fan Pairing

Now here's for Sentai fan shippers and my awarding of them.  Okay don't get mad if you don't see your favorite pairing here okay?

Most superficial fan pairing goes to Takeru and Momoko- There is really no chemistry between them at all.  Why?  I just thought every interaction they have is just professional, Takeru didn't really talk to her beyond that and so, it's just appearance based for me.  So there it goes.

Most crashed fan fairing goes to Gai Yuki and Ako- My reasons have to be this.  They did look good together, Gai could have developed feelings for Ako BUT he went for Kaori.  Then, after that he had to leave us so soon.  WAH.

Best red and female yellow fan pairing goes to Marvelous and Luka.  I will say I never liked the idea of Marvelous x Ahim (I don't see ANY chemistry at all) and plus, there's a lot of chemistry between Luka and Marvelous than Marvelous will ever have with Ahim.  Luka tends to be a rebel girl with a chemistry with Marvelous.  If you have a different opinion POST.

Best red and pink fan pairing goes to Takeru Shiba and Mako.  Some may disagree with me but I think there's much chemistry in them in-show so I would give them credit.  They do have the potential to be a couple even if some may disagree with me (I respect fellow Toku critic That Chick preferring Takeru x Kotoha even if I don't like her fan pairing preference).  There's a lot of chemistry here imo.

Best villainous fan pairing goes to Kemp and Mazenda- I'll find this creepy and all but I think Kemp and Mazenda have the potential to be a really villainous couple.  Ha ha.  So yeah, any objections?!

Most hilarious fan pairing goes to Genta and Kaoru.  Seriously I CANNOT imagine for a second if Genta becomes Takeru Shiba's father.


  1. I'm more of a Takeru/Haruka & Kenta/Momoko fan myself.

  2. By right, we see 2 affiliated Sentai team that has a Blue and Pink hook-up.
    Turbo Rangers has Yohei and Haruka pairing up in missions and personal events.
    Zyu Rangers has Dan and Mei also teaming up in both missions and events as well.
    Though it is opposite personality like Mei and Dan.
    Shoji and Lin look like a possible couple as well.


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