The More Professional Super Sentai Fans

I've talked about extreme favoritism now I'll show some professional fans of Super Sentai... and some types or trademarks.  Note that some of these traits can't exist together.

After seeing the Super Sentai counterparts of Power Rangers, they decide not to bash Power Rangers.  Either they can go neutral with Power Rangers or still like Power Rangers, respecting Power Rangers and Super Sentai alike.  They don't go around writing bad stuff especially hate fics and calling Power Rangers bootleg.  They are not shallow like choosing to like Shinkenger over Power Rangers Samurai just because the former came first or two, Mako is hotter than Mia but because of its true value.

They can also accept that Super Sentai had weaker seasons.  Some of them might be for some Ohranger, Go-onger or Goseiger.  So they may be open minded about Power Rangers RPM or not, but regardless whether they like Power Rangers or not,t hey can see Super Sentai has down seasons too.

They are pretty respectful of opinions and seek diplomatic ways to promote Super Sentai to Power Rangers fans rather than by hateful writing.


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