What the Close Minded Kamen Rider Purists are Missing

Aside from the Power Rangers purists, there may also be Kamen Rider purists.  So here's what I think they are missing...

They are missing the greater concept introduced by Shotaro Ishinomori that started to Goranger to becoming today's Super Sentai series.  That is, they are missing the greater idea of a superhero teamwork.  After all Shotaro Ishinomori started the idea of Goranger which fueled Super Sentai as the sister franchise.

Or two, they are missing a lot of kickass action by more than one character.  While Kamen Rider these days don't have footsoldiers to kick as much as they used, Super Sentai has a lot of mooks to beat them up.  Maybe I would also mention a more active role of women as superheroes.  I do appreciate the females' jobs at their desks or nursing but it's also nice to see women do different types of defensive combat or wits combat in the battlefield.

They are also missing a lot of quality comical gags among teams that deserves a thumbs up, not that Kamen Rider doesn't have humor.  Superhero group humor is also its own unique kind.

Not much to say though.  I'm still a Kamen Rider fan after all and was too afraid to admit it.

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  1. Well since Kamen Rider Double the foot soldiers are coming back. Even Wizard as them right now. Even other past rider series have foot soldiers like the Showa era. Then there are moments of foot soldiers like Blade in the movie and at the end.

  2. With certain time, I am a bigger Kamen Rider fan then Super Sentai. Kamen Rider was meant to be a dark and gloomy show and that is what Ishimori's intention was. Super Sentais majority is positive and colorful and meant for children. I like all Toku series from Toei but Kamen Rider is one of the ratings flag for the company. In reality life can be gritty and gloomy, that is why I can relate to the Rider series.


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