What the Close Minded Power Rangers Purists are Missing

I don't like that hate fic Gokaiger vs. Samurai nor do I like the PR haters who commented in it, sorry I'm not taking sides but as I said, there's much of a miss for PR purists who aren't open minded to watch Super Sentai, who purposely make rumors, etc. and say that Super Sentai is fake and that Power Rangers is the real deal when they are BOTH the real deal along with Kamen Rider and Metal Heroes.  So here's what they're missing if they are too close-minded to check Super Sentai... but these are just some I can think of.

They are basically missing the origins of Power Rangers and its inspirations as well as it being the source!  Super Sentai is the very source of Power Rangers, without Super Sentai, Power Rangers cannot exist.  They should stop lying about Power Rangers coming first or making up lies about Power Rangers in Japan.  The pre-Zyu Sentai has some influence on the characterizations of Power Rangers' characters too.  Semi-purists tend to only watch Zyuranger up to whatever got adapted.

That also means, they are missing the source footage and some very interesting plots.  They are also missing the following...

A great distinction between evil at will and freed from mind control.  Super Sentai offers some deals of evil at will and mind control when it comes to reformed villains.  Burai was evil at will, Mikoto was also evil at will.  The Green with Evil episodes of Zyuranger (which focus on Burai) shows Burai was evil at will and he broke the hatred at his will.  I just thought Burai's evil laugh was scarier than Tommy's.

Other ways of handling teenagers with attitude in teenager based seasons.  Turboranger and Megaranger didn't pick its ranger as, "We must recruit teenagers with attitude."  Turboranger was because as children, they were showered by fairy energies and in Megaranger, they all got caught randomly.  Choosing rangers for being teenagers with attitude can get overly repetitive.

A better way of execution.  Not that Power Rangers doesn't have golden moments.  However Super Sentai has its story better executed IMO.  Try to compare Power Rangers SPD with Dekaranger.  I just used Shinkenger here due to me dropping off Power Rangers Samurai without being hateful to prove a point.  

Comedy characters that do serve a real purpose.  Compared to Buk and Skull, Super Sentai comedy characters are either mentors, villains or even the HEROES.  yes, that's right the heroes. Some of them are even the red ranger (like Ban!).  This makes Super Sentai better for me also in terms of how silliness is executed.

More serious plots.  Super Sentai has some real drama to offer than just standard dilemmas, sometimes our favorite characters have to die or villains getting more serious.  I believe this concept of Super Sentai inspired RPM's serious nature too like how Power Rangers' lighter and softer themes also influenced Super Sentai not to be too serious all the time.

That's just that. I'm here to talk as an ally of Mr. Smith one of the greatest Super Sentai/Power Rangers fans and a good Toku critic I could learn from.  As said, Power Rangers isn't fake just because it's a licensed adaptation and Super Sentai can't be fake because it's the original.


  1. It work in the two way. There is a lot of SUper Sentai purists who hate PR because "OMG it's an american adaptation and America<<<<<<<<<<Japan".

    1. You can write about that too... and link. =)


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