Me and the Fantasy Leader: Where Our Sentai Favorites Are Rivals

While me and the Fantasy Leader are fellow constructive critics of Tokusatsu, however I had my thoughts that we do have favorite characters that rival each other:

The first case of "rivalry" between me and Fantasy Leader is in Chojin Sentai Jetman.  My favorite is Ryu, his is Gai Yuki so pretty much me and him "clash" in here.  So pretty much, our favorite characters clash in here but of course, the two got better eventually. =)

The second is Tatsuya and Naoto.  My favorite Timeranger is Tatsuya, Fantasy Leader loves Naoto.  So pretty much there's a "rivalry" between me and him here too.

Strangely, both Gai Yuki and Naoto are now dead. =(  Other stuff, I am going to keep reading Valsag Fantasy for all its enlightening content and corrections that this blog can receive.  These just show how human me and him are like I like Black RX and he doesn't, I like Boukenger and he doesn't while we both dislike Gobusters.