It's VERY Important for Die Hard Super Sentai Fans to Be Professional in Handling Power Rangers Fans!

I still could not forget the epic clash between constructive criticisms and stubborn hatefulness that Chris X underwent during the time that awful hate fic called Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Power Rangers Samurai (which was nothing more than a hate fic by Arnold who's a Super Sentai fan).  Moving on, that awful fic was nothing more than a ground to fight, I treat it like a plague like I do with Rangerboard.  For the super awesome Toku critic Fantasy Leader, he may be a die hard Super Sentai fan but he doesn't go around being jerky.  Now moving on, I just thought that Super Sentai fans should be professional in handling Power Rangers fans.  In the world of the Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers debate, it can go as sour as to the fact that the whole episode "Delusional Import" of Akibaranger was severely misrepresented by some die hard Super Sentai fans as an anti-Power Rangers episode when it reality, it addressed the delusions made by both sides.  As said, this blog was meant to be a hate blog but I'm glad I didn't make it go that way.

In my own experience, by avoiding the argument of which is better, I simply began to introduce Super Sentai without muddling up Power Rangers with lies like "It's fake." and "Saban should be sued by Toei." stuff.  However the problem can be with unfair haters that Chris X says he's very against them.  What I admire about Chris X is that he states he's neutral about Power Rangers but he is against the unfair haters.  He even stated he's not a Power Rangers fan but he has helped them a couple of times when he goes against unfair haters.  As said, Power Rangers is still part of Toei even if it can't exist without Super Sentai.  What I am really against are the unfair haters when they both belong to Toei's umbrella and everything so it's indeed true.  Unprofessional treatment of Power Rangers fans may actually trigger the immature PR purists among them who can't accept that Super Sentai came first or their closemindedness or two, it's more or less stooping on the same idiotic level as those PR fanboys who pick on Super Sentai fans.  That's why I'm thankful for the existence of PR Sentai Universe by Mr. Smith where it manages not to start a severity war between both sides.  So that's why I instead focus on Super Sentai and avoiding any bashing of Power Rangers, instead while being firm, I try to be as gentle as possible in sharing to them.

As said, you are a Super Sentai, I appreciate your support but don't let any unnecessary hatred blind you.  I hope this article brings more eye openers.


  1. The best way to deal with Power Ranger is just ignore it and boycott Saban period.

    The way I see it is PR fans are ignorant and don't know any better.
    As always and I will say it again, I used to be the biggest PR Hater like that Chris X fella. All it is, your just burning yourself out with unnecessary anger.

    If they do exist, I am scared. I never meet a PR Fan that is a bully towards Super Sentai nor would I want to.


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