Zyu2 was FILMED By Toei for Saban, Deal with It!

To silence both Sentai purists and PR purists (but this is NOT a call for them to volt in to crush the Kamen Rider fans), I want to clarify this- Zyu2 footage was filmed by Toei for Saban.  So pretty much Zyu2 was created by Toei when Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers became a big hit.

Reviewing Zyu2 footages, Soga Machiko HAD appeared in the Zyu2 footages thus acknowledging the legitimacy of Saban's royalty payments.  In fact, she even appeared during the arrival of Lord Zedd footage where she does her begging scene.  Those footages in Zyu2 were used exclusively for American use.

Lord Zedd arrived in Zyu2 footage WITH Soga Machiko in it.  So yeah, I know much of Goldar there was out of character.  But one thing is certain, Soga Machiko was in there and Lord Zedd was probably a Toei costume they got didn't use for any Super Sentai.  In fact, it made me think that Lord Zedd might have been supposedly the Gorma Emperor but it was thrown out.  The footage involved Lord Zedd shrinking Rita Repulsa maybe due to some TV-Y7-FV rules.

Heh I was even thinking about it that Lord Zedd had the same kind of grenades from Dairanger.  Could it be possible that he was supposedly the Gorma Emperor's design?  Maybe, maybe not.  Toei hasn't launched its official word to why Lord Zedd was first used in Zyu2 before the costume reached the U.S. for later footage like the Bandora costume was later worn by Carla Perez right after Soga Machiko footage ran out.

Well I guess we can give the benefit of the doubt of the Toei/Saban relationship though I'll just have to leave most of Power Rangers to the kids since I prefer Super Sentai's content better though lately, Super Sentai seems to become a "for kids only" show as I see it.


  1. Unless you can show Soga Machiko's face, in the same room as Lord Zedd, then that likely wasn't her. They always do a behind shot, or where her face isn't as visible.

    Zed was obviously designed for Power Rangers - nothing else. He's clearly too original to have been a monster for any other show. The use of the grenades is purely to synch everything up with the Dairanger monster footage.

    I have to disagree, though -- Zedd and season 2 was the beginning of the American made footage. Zyu2 was still being used, but the Zedd scenes continued on, even after Zyu2 footage ran out.

  2. I looked into it, and though Machiko wouldn't have been filming in the Lord Zed scenes, she did come back to film some scenes. Here's according to the PowerRanger Wiki:

    "Zyu2 wasn't the first time original footage was filmed for use in Power Rangers by Toei. Before the series began, Saban filmed scenes involving the villains (with both Machiko Soga and Ami Kawai reprising their Zyuranger roles). These scenes were of noticably higher quality than Zyuranger footage, and were used in order to better match lip movements with the voices provided (for instance, Rita's now famous phrase of "Magic Wand, make my monster/Goldar grow")."

  3. Those scenes had great story value as the cast disbanded and you can see Saban's persistence as he edited Daireno in place of Daizyujin. I know the Dairanger never fought any Zyu 2 monsters.

  4. Wow, so much wrong information, or at least wrong assumptions made by you in this article. The only sentence that is correct is the fact that Toei filmed Zyu2 footage for Saban. Lord Zedd stuff was filmed in the states. Zyu2 is footage of costumed rangers and zords fighting monsters, not Lord Zedd stuff. It's not a difficult taks to make a bomb prop that looks like the Dairanger Bomb or even to have it ship like they ship all the sentai costumes and props, like seriously. The Machiko soga rita footage they splice in are a couple of close up shots from Zyuranger footage and or Zyu 1.5 footage (the extra Rita and gang footage shot for MMPR season 1) but the Rita they use in the new american scenes when Lord Zedd on his first appearance is definitely Carla Perez. Notice how they do everything they can not to show her face (except close up shots they took from Zyuranger footage of course) The bits of her face we can see is definetly not Machiko Soga.


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