The Problem of "Complaining About the Shows You Never Watched" Syndrome

I may have issues with Super Sentai as of late since Gobusters and two, I am currently more focused with Kamen Rider, J-Drama, Kung Fus series, etc. more than Super Sentai but here's one issue I want to raise, "Why are you now complaining about shows you haven't even watched one episode of?"  That's pretty true for Power Rangers purists and maybe some Super Sentai purists.    Moving on... and I really need to raise issues on fantard wars.  I can't stop them all but at least I can help regulate them.

I'd like to address those Power Rangers fans who aren't giving Super Sentai a chance (and vice versa, though the first is more common).  It's a tiresome reality for me to face that, "America is always better." and "America rules all the time."  Face it, if there are smart Americans, there are also stupid Americans.  It baffles me to think just because Power Rangers is more popular than Super Sentai that they don't want to give Super Sentai a chance or maybe it's a cultural thing.  It really gets me to think how close minded Power Rangers fans are if they don't give Super Sentai a chance.  I am also pretty disturbed at how I've noticed some people easily turned down Super Sentai because it sounds "weird" to their ears.  I know Power Rangers is a monster hit but still, it wouldn't exist if it wasn't for its parent Super Sentai and Toei's approval for its release.

Then lately I've found some Super Sentai fans who suffer from the same sickness as those Power Rangers fans who "complain about the shows they never watched".  Okay this might be one in a million thing for some but I'm finding some diehard Super Sentai fans who are calling Power Rangers as fake.  To be honest, I have watched both Power Rangers and Super Sentai and both shows have their good and bad moments.  Me liking Super Sentai more than Power Rangers is more of a personal choice.  However Power Rangers has some decent seasons like Lost Galaxy wasn't a copy/paste of Gingaman, Lightspeed Rescue though still a rescue concept had some creativity with a U.S. original ranger and maybe Time Force as an honorable mention because of that rather cool mutant/human war (plus I'd watch Time Force anytime over Kamen Rider Den-O).  To be honest, before I started disliking Power Rangers Samurai, I watched it to see if I'll like it.  I watched Megaforce and it's decent (though not awesome for my standards).  Really, I wonder how Super Sentai purists can explain the Battlizer in Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, "It's Morphin' Time" and Megazords in Gobusters or the Decade/Shinkenger crossover as these ideas were from Power Rangers.

Plus I'd say it'd be pretty unfair for Super Sentai fans to beg Power Rangers fans to give Super Sentai a chance yet they don't give Power Rangers a chance.  These fan wars are really getting tired.  I used to hate Power Rangers but later, I discovered I still have a soft spot for it   Mr. Smith's blog PR Sentai Universe may not be updated now but he does a very good three dimensional analysis like when he mentions things he likes in Super Sentai and Power Rangers the better or worse on both sides like Jen and Yuuri or Sakura and Rose.  I know Mr. Smith is busy but I really appreciate the hard work he did with his blog during the past which really may need some more of that "Stop Super Sentai and Power Rangers severity once and for all."


  1. I have a friend who in the mid 90s was into every Sentai series except Liveman. Only seeing the opening and it had weak moments , he was very stubborn it took time to see the 5 episode I loan him. FINALLY, he confirmed the show was great but still to this day denied ever hating it. What a liar!!!


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