Super Sentai Fantards and Power Rangers Fantards: Enlightened or Deluded?

Well it's really getting irritating with those fan wars.  It can be something to claim both sides are enlightened.  Maybe to some, they think the idea of somebody who watches only Super Sentai and doesn't watch Power Rangers is one in a million, maybe it's now one in I can't say the number it might have gotten lesser.  Then again, Power Rangers is more popular than Super Sentai so that's why I wrote this blog to raise awareness of the parent show.  As said, I don't hate Power Rangers, I'm probably still liking it but I don't think I love it but then if I don't love it, why do I watch it?  LOL.  Then I want to address the issues that some Sentai purists consider themselves enlightened then again so do their enemies, the Power Rangers purists.

Now for the question of whether or not SS Fantards and PR Fantards are enlightened or just plain deluded like this guy?

With Akibaranger Season Tsuu Episode Five called "Delusional Import", the address of delusion was placed that is when the delusion that Powerful Rangers came first instead of Super Sentai deluded reality.  It also did parody the whole misconception on both sides about copyright infringement and two, the "corruption" of Geki and Burai was no way parodying Jason and Tommy but most likely showing the childishness of fans.  In fact, it addresses the delusions of Power Rangers fans though the episode was by no means an anti-PR episode because Powerful Rangers still apparently continued even if reality was restored to normal.  But rather, it was against fan misconception.  Of course, this is annoying to how Power Rangers fans can simply keep insisting they're the real deal and calling Super Sentai fake (and vice versa) when both are legitimate deals.  I don't know how true my speculation is but I believe there are Power Rangers fantards who refuse to come out of their shell to accept the fact that Super Sentai is the parent show then again there are Super Sentai fans who can't accept Power Rangers is the child show.  This proves that both sides are just deluded, not enlightened.

One of the biggest misinterpretations was Kenji Ohba's interview.  Really how many times must I address the fact that Kenji Ohba saying that Power Rangers was recreated from Super Sentai that it isn't fake?  Really, do these Super Sentai fantards even do a slightest bit of research of what bootleg means?  Ukiyaseed had addressed why Power Rangers isn't fake.  Then why do I still read them misinterpreting the whole interview?  Then again, notice Kenji Ohba is NOT badmouthing Power Rangers!  I mean, it's obvious Power Rangers isn't fake, it's licensed and yet they still continue in their foolish squabbling and unable to explain both shows were copying from each other.  Really even Gobusters gets mistaken to be anti-Power Rangers then why in the world do the heroes use the term, "It's Morphin' Time"?!

Those who can't accept reality are spoiled brats like that picture of Veruca Salt above from the classic Willy Wonka factory.  Yup, you have to think about it that Super Sentai purists still refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of Power Rangers with Toei or for Power Rangers purists who can't accept the fact that their show has to be born from Super Sentai, it's just a matter of being a spoiled brat.  I can understand if these were children who are ages three up to ten or maybe teenagers who are still calling Power Rangers fake but what amazes me is that there are adults who think like that too.  What's really surprising is that seldom I read adults who bash Power Rangers (or Super Sentai) like your average spoiled brat.  In fact as said, grow up and learn to respect!  Besides, it's really annoying to read those insist it's fake when it isn't or well, I really hate to mention it but some people who follow my blog happen to be Super Sentai brats who are picking on Power Rangers fans who like Super Sentai and furthering the anger of Power Rangers purists.  Yup, brats just add fuel to the fire and are deluded.

I don't know if this is really worth bringing up but maybe some Super Sentai purist fanboys are probably hating Power Rangers because most of the Super Sentai girls are hotter than Power Rangers girls and then they show unfair biases towards the PR girls.  But then that forms an extreme Grand Professor Bias against the Power Rangers girls.  This is all too speculative for me though but feel free to raise up the issue.

Well probably here's another bias from Power Rangers fans towards Super Sentai males.  I don't know if Alata is currently underrated because he's not physically buff and strong enough (as shown in the left) compared to the really muscular Troy.

Just a sour note for Power Rangers purists who I believe also need to be addressed for them to wake up.  As said, there's those people who are always, "American is superior." but they fail to see, that not everything American is superior.  It's a problem in third world Asian countries especially the Philippines that there are a lot of people there who are, "Hey U.S. always did it better." which it is not always true.  To be honest, America has its own weaknesses too.  In fact, for Power Rangers purists who are basically into the American superiority mentality, they might have been ignoring their teams are multiracial and sometimes cultural differences are played over.  Plus, the American/Japanese war is OVER.  It's not World War II anymore.  Such people live in the past sad to say.

Overall, what I'm seeing is nothing ore than a fantard war of delusion and neither side is any step closer towards attaining enlightenment.


  1. The "fantard" factor is for Super Sentais- is bad acting, editing and scripts. (That is a logical answer)
    Power Rangers - fans that do not want to see a all Asian cast nor want to hear Japanese.
    For once, I was a Super Sentai Fantard but things change as Saban rules the world with his "CREATIVITY".


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