The Hypocrisy of Super Sentai Fans Who Hate Power Rangers Who are Disney Fans

It's pretty much blah3x with all these Super Sentai purists.  Now to be honest, I used to be one and you know that.  Now here's one thing, it's pretty hypocritical for Super Sentai fans who hate Power Rangers to be fans of Disney for these reasons...

First you have to consider this fact- Disney had a lot of adaptations of classic stories.  So Super Sentai purists call Power Rangers as a fake, a rip-off, a recreation of Super Sentai without knowing not everything recreated is bootleg.  They even misinterpreted Kenji Ohba's statement!  You can talk about Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs... aren't those all adaptations?

Second, do consider Disney had the rights to Power Rangers from Toei until Saban managed to get permission from Toei again for him to have the rights.  So how can they like Disney and hate Power Rangers?  Maybe I should point out that in the midst of this so-called purism for Super Sentai because it is the original and the "real deal" (according to them) and that Power Rangers is very annoying, they fail to see how annoying Disney is as of late.  I mean, I don't like Power Rangers SPD but let's face it- Syd went from being annoying to being a better person, Hannah Montana remains obnoxious.  Even Operation Overdrive a season I unfairly hated with a passion still is better than Hannah Montana.  So there!


  1. I recall them being at Disney parks back in 2006.
    I do feel that comparison to the whole Sentai+PR to Fairy Tales+Disney. There both a huge differ from there original sources, yet they manage to make audiences feel mixed about the changes that are made.

  2. The thing about sentai snobs is they always say that Power Rangers is a ripoff with little to no knowledge that its an adaptation or the fact that Toei gave Saban/Disney the rights to adapt it. Even going as far as calling the toys Bandai releases in the US ripoffs, even though, you know, Bandai also produces the Super Sentai toys in Japan?

    And after seeing that alot lately, I really think that Super Sentai purists and Sentai Snobs don't even have a brain.

    1. Hi! Nice to hear what you have to say. Can I ask what you think of Power Rangers purists as well?

    2. i am a sentai snob and a hater of power rangers. i hate the saban adaptations and any adaptations from the US


      because i grew up with bioman, maskman, shaider, jetman, turbo rangers, google v and fiveman.
      power rangers was ok, but different. its a little off from what i was watching as a kid. nowadays, our stations show power rangers and wont show super sentai. reason is because as an english speaking country, we dont need to dub it unlike sentai which needs dubbing.

      we had the real thing, but the adaptation doesnt cut it here. unlike other PR haters, its not that i hate it because its an adaptation, I HATE IT because it destroyed sentai over here.


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