What Annoying Power Rangers Fantards Need to Know

Well I've had dealt with Super Sentai fantards on why Power Rangers isn't fake but I believe I also need to deal with those Power Rangers fantards who can be as bad as that person above, Veruca Salt.  These are, "Power Rangers is better, I hate Super Sentai." people and there's a lot of them.

I was aware of the phenomenon that Power Rangers became in the early 90s and it was a hit.  However there is always the mentality of, "America always did better."  I can understand why Power Rangers became more popular than Super Sentai, but let's just face it that popularity isn't always the measure of quality in a show's story.  That is no excuse not to see Super Sentai, the parent of Power Rangers.  It would not exist without Super Sentai like a person would not exist without a parent.  In fact, isn't that the complaining about the show you never watched syndrome?

It really annoyed me to think that there was a time in my life when I started to tell people about Super Sentai and while I was happy for Power Rangers fans who were open-minded, some of them were pretty close minded because of their American superiority mentality.  In fact, these Power Rangers fantards are pretty much missing a lot of stuff that Super Sentai has to offer.

Problem is, how can these PR fantards even say that Super Sentai is bad even if they have NOT checked it out?  They are always whining like, "I hate Super Sentai because it ain't American."  and they create all their lame excuses not o even try watching it, when in fact it is the very reason why Power Rangers exists!  Power Rangers is no parasite to Super Sentai, it's the "child" of Super Sentai and that means for any Power Rangers fan to hate Super Sentai is like a child being ungrateful to its parent or any robot/clone to be ungrateful to its creator.  In fact, how can they even complain about it when they even haven't seen it?  In fact, for Power Rangers fans to watch Super Sentai cannot be compared to tasting and eating anything dirty or harmful to the body.

In fact this blog will continue its support for both Super Sentai and Power Rangers all the way.  I could care less if you like Power Rangers or Super Sentai more, I still support them both!


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