A Counterargument to Close Minded Super Sentai Fantards

This blog's purpose is to serve Super Sentai fans, not Super Sentai fantards.  Here are some screenshots from the otherwise average but not as horrible as the last Super Hero Taisen movie, Super Hero Taisen Z to which will really try to drive some stop and hatred with Super Sentai fans hating Power Rangers and maybe for some, hating Kamen Rider.

Gentaro Kisaragi gives us a good reason why Super Sentai and Kamen Rider should not fight.  So there's no use to why some Super Sentai fantards have to keep picking on Kamen Rider fans.  As terrible as Super Hero Taisen was but it did show us to why the Super Sentai vs. Kamen Rider fan wars are stupid when Gai Ikari said, "Don't the Kamen Riders also fight evil?" in that film.

The Power Rangers can't be bad guys because they are part of Earth's superheroes.  So why am I reading a fic where the Power Rangers became bad guys?  While I don't think Gai Ikari is a Power Rangers fan but I don't think he'd badmouth it either.  In fact, when he says all of Earth's superheroes he'd also recruit the Power Rangers too.

Hopefully this helps!


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