What's the Difference Between a Fan and a Fantard in Tokusatsu Communities?

After discussing some issues on fan wars, let me draw the difference between the fan and the fantard.  Here they are...

First what is a fan?

Gai Ikari is the example of a fan.  Fans are those who is an enthusiastic devotee or an ardent admirer or enthusiast.  I just thought that this blog may usually be visited by mostly Power Rangers fans than there are to Super Sentai "purists".  If the Power Rangers were around, I think Gai Ikari will also want to meet them too.  Some of them may dislike Power Rangers and Kamen Rider but they don't act childish about it.  Hatred is a totally different issue.

A fan well might be like this- he might like Super Sentai better than Power Rangers (or for some Kamen Rider since I'm using Gentaro Kisaragi's picture here).  You might consider this fact that a fan usually if a Tokusatsu genre is something that doesn't click with him, he doesn't show ill feelings.  Some people like Super Sentai way better than Power Rangers but don't show ill feelings toward it.  Or some may not really like the American ADAPTATIONS but don't show ill feelings towards them, rather expresses properly why some of them don't work out with him or her but he or she DOES NOT write hate articles against them, just states the facts for the reason of dislike. Tokuwarriors and PR Sentai Universe are among the best Tokusatsu blogs I've ever read that just stick to the truth.

Power Rangers fans well... are those who like Power Rangers but are open minded to Super Sentai.  I'd like to exclude somebody who's only watching Super Sentai and Power Rangers with eye candy as the factor to why he likes a certain season better like Jasmine was his only reason to watch Dekaranger =P.

Now for the fantard.... what is a fantard?!

A fantard is a combination of fan and retard thus we get the word fantard.  First, I didn't make that meme of Sentai fanatic Nobuo (who even can't accept Prism Ace's arrival) but one thing is certain, he DID NOT call Power Rangers fake, he just doesn't like it that is all since he's probably only devoted to Sentai as a whole and no other Toku pleases him.  Now a fantard is somebody who really gets on your nerves with their wrong kind of close-mindedness.  The Sentai fantard is somebody who insists that Power Rangers is a bootleg, that Saban is a bootlegger and you can expect all types of nonsense from these guys.  They say everything with Super Sentai is better while Power Rangers to them will always be bad.  I know Saban's return has gone pretty bad, but still... and you can start to expect such bad stuff like a hate fic against Power Rangers like that stupid one where the Gokaigers are fighting against the Power Rangers Samurai who were turned into bad guys.  What is pretty bad is that some of the worst Sentai fantards I know are actually already in their late 20s.  I mean by then, they should have known that Power Rangers isn't fake.  If they don't like Power Rangers, fine but hatred is a totally different issue.

We could also talk with Power Rangers fantards who hate Super Sentai.  It's pretty ungrateful considering Power Rangers is the child of Super Sentai.  Maybe most of them are children but I can't be too sure if that's true.  Just made me think they refuse to watch Super Sentai just because Power Rangers is more popular and isn't American.  Well I don't really mind those who like Power Rangers better than Super Sentai because I guess some of them can understand my reasons why I like Super Sentai better (mine is cultural) plus popularity is not my measuring stick for liking a show.  However what I can't tolerate are PR fantards who don't do research and even say stuff like "Super Sentai fake, Power Rangers is the real thing." type of comments and two, they start ridiculing a foreign culture without providing a basis why they like Power Rangers better.  They are just as annoying as the Sentai fantards.

In fact I don't want to try to please everyone.  That includes Sentai fantards and PR fantards.


  1. Here's another reason: They feel the need to be fantards because PR is part of their childhood.... it's too petty and shallow of a reason.

  2. Not to insult this establishment, All the tokusatsu blog and all us Toku fans have a little "Fantardiness". Because we like Toei's Real McCoy then Saban's adaptation. I and some fans have pointed out the sloppiness that MMPR and beyond contains. A true pure fan who has no FANTARD written on him is Valsag Fantasy. He will not talk nor mention anything of Saban. He will say it is not great but will not go there like what Fantards spend all their energy on bashing Saban.

  3. I never considered Nobuo a fantard, he seemed relatively normal to me.
    All he tried to say was that Sentai was the original and he got shit for it.


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