Super Sentai Fans Don't Need to Hate Power Rangers to Be True Fans!

The argument is getting old with Super Sentai fantards who refuse to accept they are really fantards (and not fans) and it's always the "Sentai purist vs. Bootleg fantard" wars for them.  In truth, they are more of fantards than anything else from both sides.

A Super Sentai fan is one who is more or less either neutral or a fan of Power Rangers.  You could consider that some of them may not be fans of Power Rangers but they are against any unfair hatred and prejudice towards the franchise.  As said, if you don't like the show, don't watch it! It's just like why I don't watch any kaiju series or any Toku series like Gransazers or Justirizers but I don't hate them!  If he doesn't like Power Rangers, he usually just skips it most of the time but may choose to watch it for comparative reasons.  That's better than those whiners.

Is it wrong for a Super Sentai fan to also love Power Rangers?  The Sentards are always saying, "Well you can't serve two masters!"  Well that is if it's between good and evil.  But one must accept it or not, aside from the fact that Power Rangers isn't bootleg or fake (which is just downright wrong), Saban legitimately has Toei's rights and Power Rangers belongs to the side of good.  I know I usually consider to myself that Power Rangers is usually inferior to Super Sentai but that DID NOT justify me writing the deaths of the Operation Overdrive Rangers nor does not justify the whole Gokaiger vs. Samurai hate fic (sorry but that hate fic was terrible even for other friends who don't like Power Rangers).  Power Rangers is still part of Toei, license granted to Saban and you can consider that comrades of mine like UkiyaSeed of Orends Range, writers at JE Fusion or Mr. Smith all are these types and I respect them for that.

Maybe I should mention for this post on some of them gloat something like, "Super Sentai girls > Power Rangers girls" type of argument.  Most of the time I agree with that but I'd also proudly say that I find Kimberly hotter than Mei or any of the girls in the 90s between both franchises, I also would admit I find Ciara Hanna hot... and well I also do find Tori hot even if she's not as attractive as Nanami.  Really, this is also another poor excuse for them to even add more reasons to hate Power Rangers.  I guess this also shows how Super Sentai fantards can be so shallow and empty headed like their opponents the Power Rangers fantards.

If you want a satire on the issue, you might want to read this: Delusional Bootleg.


  1. Though I did not watch any one of them from the 1st episode till end. I saw glimpse of In Space, Lightspeed rescue, Time Force and possibly Dino Thunder. I learned that they effortlessly attempted to make the series more dramatic and less cheesy.
    Plus the actress in those series are much more desirable and attractive especially Patricia Jae Lee.

  2. Agreed - liking Sentai doesn't have to exclude liking Power Rangers. For many of us from the 90s, it would be like disliking what brought Super Sentai to attention for us to begin with. My childhood with Power Ranger was awesome, and my adulthood is awesome with both Sentai and Power Rangers.

    1. I don't like Power Rangers as much as I used to but still I like it. Just my thought, what are your thoughts on Power Rangers Megaforce?

    2. Super Megaforce is fun - been watching it every week. But I wish they didn't have the baggage of Goseiger costumes. Like getting dressed twice ^_^


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