Yuuta Mochizuki Meets Austin St. John at Power Morphicon!

Here's the video of the Power Morphicon... so much for those Sentards who are screaming "BOOTLEG!" and Powtards who are always ungrateful for Super Sentai's existence.  I was thinking I'm probably glad I never saw Zyuranger in Tagalog because I've slammed my head (figuratively) after knowing how erroneous the Tagalog dubs were.  Now for my views here... if Power Rangers were bootleg, would Yuuta Mochizuki enter here and GREET his supposed copycat?  Not at all.  In fact, although I tend to be neutral with Power Rangers (and even Super Sentai) as of late but I just love how this epic moment has happened!  Too bad though it's not PR Samurai meets Shinkengers. =P


  1. Last month, Austin St.John showed up in a comic shop of where I live and he seems very much a nice guy.
    But I tell you what, JDF gave hints that he was not friendly to work with as St.John's thunder was taking away by Frank's character basis and of course a greater female following.

    I missed his appearance and not because I was a total Sentard but St.John ain't my Red Hero. If it was Mochizuki san I would have been there in a heartbeat!!!


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