Even As a Super Sentai Fan, I Don't Hate Power Rangers!

In the war of the Super Sentai purists (maybe better known as the Japanese purists) and the Power Rangers purists, there is always the hate campaign against Power Rangers.  For these Sentai purists (or Sentards) who says, "There's no such thing a Sentard, you bootleg fantard."  I would like to express that I may not like Power Rangers as much but I don't hate it.  Bad news for Sentai purists, I have stopped being a Sentai purist.  For Super Sentai fans who don't like Power Rangers, they can't be haters.  They are more or less neutral just like they don't watch any Toku genre that doesn't taste good for them.

Let me define hatred from dislike.  Hate is a very strong emotion,  Dislike on the other hand is merely disapproval or annoyance.  Like for example, I may not like so and so but it doesn't mean I am their enemy.  I may give a friendly greeting when we meet but I don't associate with him (ex. because he is a spendthrift guy) while a higher level of dislike can be I treat the person like he doesn't exist becasue he annoys me.  On the other hand, hate carries hostility, strong emotions, grudges or even the desire to destroy something.  Somebody who dislikes Power Rangers simply does not like but tolerates its existence.  Somebody who hates Power Rangers carries on hostility and ill feelings, he or she may be wishing Power Rangers were blasted off the globe.

Now I understand the fact that Power Rangers is way more popular than Super Sentai.  The problem is this... Super Sentai purists are not only angry about Super Sentai being overshadowed but also... they are angry about Power Rangers' existence.  The call Power Rangers as fake and bootleg.  Try to reason out to them that Power Rangers isn't fake, they say you are wrong.  Sorry but the meme above speaks it all.  Common sense will dictate that if Power Rangers were fake, why hasn't Toei sued Saban?  If you check the credits of Power Rangers, the name of Toei is attached to it.  If Saban just used its name to avoid being sued, Toei could have sued him.  But why haven't they sued?

The answer is really simple because Power Rangers is legitimate.  Power Rangers is NOT draining the profits from Toei.  If it did, Super Sentai would have been extinct years ago.  By agreement, Saban to continue his Power Rangers based on material from Super Sentai, he must PAY ROYALTIES.  If he wasn't paying royalties, Toei could easily just cut off his rights.  But no, Saban pays royalties to Toei for footages, costumes and etc. to use and modify for his own use.  As long as Saban pays royalties, as long as Toei allows it... YOU CANNOT CALL POWER RANGERS BOOTLEG!!!!  For that, I cannot really hate Power Rangers because it's not bootleg.

Something that has a lower quality does not always equal bootleg.  Now let's think about it... Super Sentai has some seasons that are inferior but they are not bootleg.  Last year, Kyoryuger was a terrible Sentai for me but it's not bootleg.  Gobusters was really a low rating one but it's not bootleg.  Just because the quality is lower does not mean it's bootleg.  Also, I respect people who like the Power Rangers counterpart more because of personal reasons.  I know somebody who's not a Grand Professor Bias with his preference of both.

Another issue you cannot deny is that Power Rangers does have its own ideas.  Now I do affirm that most of the time, Power Rangers is not really my cup of tea but I still support it.  Just think... stage shows did come first but think, who put the idea on TV?  Saban!  Who revived the idea of Saban of putting it on TV later?  Toei!  Who started out the virus big bad?  Power Rangers RPM!  Power Rangers does get lazy at times with copying too much (as of right now) but you cannot deny, there are times Power Rangers has its own original ideas that Sentai is yet to use.  For example, Power Rangers Time Force has the human/mutant war going on in the year 3001 a plot totally absent in Timeranger.  Sentai can simply take them later and make better executions!

There are decent seasons of Power Rangers.  While the Lost Galaxy rumor is actually not true (thanks Fantasy Leader) but I will dare still say that it's a decent season.  If you want good acting, decent seasons then you have Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force and Ninja Storm.  To think, the Dekaranger cast dubbed Power Rangers SPD a season which I disliked.  But like it or not, some Power Rangers seasons are pretty decent.  For one, I know somebody who likes Lost Galaxy over Gingaman and another who likes Power Rangers RPM over Go-onger.  Preference, preference!

Also, if it wasn't for Power Rangers, America which is a culturally different country would not ge to know how Japanese culture was.  Also, Toei would have not reached America if it wasn't for Power Rangers.  So all I can say is to those whiners who are always ranting Power Rangers is fake all over again, the argument is getting older than my ancestors' dentures!


  1. I know this your BLOG and I have zero control of what you write. Can we concentrate on topics on the Sentai series. I very much think that all us followers know where you stand with PR and Sentai. And we would not want to say anything extremely negative on any one of the genre unless it is just a subtle joke only!

  2. I've commented on this topic many times. I hate power rangers,not in the sense of wishing it never existed or would go away. I hate it because it seems to stay away from certain themes and keep the facade of only being a kids show.
    Power Rangers seems to cater on trying not to hard to cross the boundary of being too violent, too mature,etc. I love Super Sentai cause I enjoy the sometimes mature themes that are included like death, prejudice, etc. Also, its like PR is afraid of trying new themes and dont take enough risks like Super Megaforce could've been better if the production team just remembered the overal theme of Gokaiger and dodging the "Pirate" motif, when the show is basically about that. Either way, Toei controls both shows, jus wish they had more input, but PR is full of nostalgia for many, so it is what it is

  3. Well said. Nothing wrong with liking both PR and Super Sentai.

    I maynot like PR very much as i used to. I prefer the old PR seasons than the ones but i have enjoyed Super Sentai alot more. It doesn't mean suddenly i say hell with PR, Its just its a matter of the storylines that get me into the characters,

  4. Sean Akizuki,you are the man!!! I agree with this article 100%!! :)


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