Is Captain Ryuya a Villain or Just an Annoying Douchebag?

Timeranger itself has Ryuya who some may say is the real villain, he is a villain or not a villain. I'd like to beg to differ and have my view point that he's more of that annoying douchebag than the main villain. Let me explain my stance. In my own opinion, Dolnero is still the main villain of Timeranger while if Ryuya is a villain, he's a sideline villain though my stance is that he is just that annoying douchebag. Now how do I really explain my stance on Ryuya? This is one of Yasuko Kobayashi's masterpieces which provides a rather complex plot in the series.

Now I'm not all that surprised considering his ancestors Wataru and Wataru's father were also douchebags. Wataru was a victim also of his own father's manipulations so don't be surprised that 1,000 years later, they will have a descendant who will manipulate time itself. Why the Asami company ceased to exist in the year 3000 is never explained... maybe it went bankrupt. But let's think of Ryuya's actions that may have been a result of the Asamis actions in the past. Now let me defend my stance he's not the main villain, rather that annoying douchebag that practically manipulated everyone.

The whole issue of Ryuya was that he came from the year 3,000. He's the captain, he is also the Time Red of that era. He's an anti-red if you look at it. Unlike Alex in Time Force, this guy has some serious issues. What he wanted to do was revealed to be this - he just wanted to live. Did he want to bwahahahaha take over the world? No. Unlike Dolnero, Gien and Lila he was only trying to live while the recurring antagonists were really having their goal to become super rich with their shenanigans. How Ryuya was revealed later on reminds me of one manipulative bastard and bastard in sheep's clothing that was created in Kamen Rider Faiz namely Masato Kusaka.

Like Masato Kusaka, they do have some noble goals but they practically do it the wrong way. Masato is a manipulative douchebag and so is Ryuya. So for Ryuya to live, he tries to do some events like allow Dolnero's escape which changed history for the better. His actions made a cure for Osiris Syndrome for Ayase, Yuuri's family lives because Dolnero was killed in the past and Domon himself returned back as a fighter. On the other hand, you can't deny he's still a douchebag BECAUSE he arranged Naoto's death so he can live. It's almost like Masato's putting even the lives of other people in Faiz in danger to get what he wants. Events would have been worse if he wasn't around which... puts in question whether or not he's really the main villain. He's more of a protagonist-villain than a real villain.

What you must also remember is this that even if Ryuya had caused some damage to other characters, he wanted to save his life without completely altering history and two, he was also concerned protecting the 30th century. So why did he want to mind-wipe the others? I would assume he just wanted to live a normal life after he saves his life. Being the douchebag he is, he has his own selfish motives that led to his end. Ayase shot him by accident where he soon revealed that he only wanted to live. So I can say he is a gray area in Timeranger... and the debate for me is... is he an anti-hero or an anti-villain?


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    1. Speaking of which, I feel like he's the prototype towards Masato Kusaka a morally gray douchebag and villain. WHat do you think?

    2. I guess. To be totally honest, I don't really follow the Heisei Rider series all that much.

  2. As unique and original Timeranger was in 2000, I still missed the punchline. With the Dolnero Family not a threat but it was the mad cyborg and Captain Of Ryuya who is revealed to also be the antagonist as his fear and premonition of his death in a alternate time and reality while wearing the Time Fire unit and getting his ancestor and cohorts killed still is a giant mental babble mess.

    Finally with Masato Kusaka, Faiz became a mess of a show when the direction is changed but Kusaka was there to add drama and I liked his character as his personal insecurity is what making him do things!!!

  3. Alex is waaaaaay better in my opinion

    1. I may dislike Power Rangers but I dare agree with you. =)


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