Sentai Badass Moment: Red Turbo's Battle with Ragorn

Unlike most big bads, Ragorn himself was defeated twice in battle. Episode 38 "The 'End' of Ragorn" is one episode that's badass awesome. Nobody expects Riki to survive but he did. So how did it do?

Riki was captured by Yamimaru and Kirika who plan to overthrow Ragorn. They intend to crash the Bouma Palace into the Turbo Builder.  It's a pretty good plan actually to keep both Riki and Ragorn occupied.

Riki transforms into Red Turbo AND starts to fight Ragorn. Things look intense.... at the same time you can wonder will Red Turbo win?

Worse, they are trapped by a thread barrier. Yamimaru and Kirika have planned out their occupation of Ragorn's kingdom well. Unfortunately for them, it will backfire against them when Ragorn finds a way to return to the world of the living.

The battle against the two is pretty intense. I can't imagine myself fighting Ragorn one-on-one.

In a desperate attack, Red Turbo leaps into the air and...

He delivers a fatal blow to Ragorn's heart. This attack causes explosions which damages them both.

Yup, Red Turbo turns back into Riki. Ragorn is supposedly killed but he manages to enlarge.  In this episode, Ragorn is supposedly destroyed by the Super Turbo Builder but reveals he will return.


  1. This fight is a bit of a homage of Sharivan ( Iga Den) when he fought Psychon.


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