Sentai Rambling: Filipino Super Sentai Fans, It's Time To Make YOUR STAND Against FLIPFAG Culture WITH YOUR SUPER SENTAI SPIRIT!

Come on... it's time for a Filipino Super Sentai Revolution against FLIPFAG (Failipinos Loving Incompetence Purposely For All Generations) culture! Don't let them bully you into giving up your passion!

I thought I should have written this article during theHenshin Con 2015event butI wasn't able to think of this earlier. It's already June 12, 2015 and it's time to celebrate 117 years since the Philippines defeated Spain, this kind of post might be my contribution for the betterment of my country. I felt like it's time for the Super Sentai fans of the Philippines to make a firm stand against FLIPFAG culture. FLIPFAG culture has infested the Philippines with a screwed up definition of maturity, the painful disease of ultranationalismand their love for their beloved telebasuras which is giving a culture of dysfunction. Maybe, just maybe, the Super Sentai spirit may help in fighting against the spirit of FLIPFAG culture in one way or another.

Does watching Super Sentai make me an Anti-Filipino? You've got to be kidding me FLIPFAG!

Also, just because Super Sentai is a Japanese show doesn't make any Filipino who is a fan of the franchise, well... Anti-Filipino right? I was glad that Chino Fernandez wrote a similar articlethat certain acts don't make him Anti-Filipino especially when he mentioned about boycotting telebasuras and watching foreign shows. What is so, so VERY funny is that these FLIPFAGs might sooner or later tell other Super Sentai fans (they told me as well) that, "You like Super Sentai and Kamen Rider instead of our local teleseryes, go and live in Japan!", they are in fact, walking contradictionslike I observed based on experience. OH THE INCREDIBLY STUPID IRONY that they are watching their favorite Failipino telebasuras on a TV set like let's just say that the appliance itself was made in Japan? Didn't the same set of people who told me that if I like Super Sentai so much, I should move to Japan?

Sorry to say but this show is pure garbage!!!!! Zaido is not worth your time at all!

What was also very funny was that they were proud of the garbage known as Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan (Zaido Universal Police) better called as "Zaido: Pulis Pangkagagohan" which sadly reflects how incompetent the Philippine National Patola is as a police force. Zaido as a show itself is so bad, it's very disappointing with all the useless fillers, bad acting, bad special effects... wow FLIPFAGs are so proud of this mess? It's plain stupid ultranationalism if you ask me. Again, don't tell me Zaido never had the mix influence of Japan? I mean the whole trashy show is based in Shaider, Sharivan and Gavan... those are Japanese shows. How can Zaido as a piece of garbage even be 100% "sariling atin" when the concept is foreign, the equipment used is foreign and well, FLIPFAGs who liked it were most likely watching the show on an imported TV set right? Bwaahahahahaha!!!! Pardon the laughing but I can't help but laugh at the stupidity.

I do hate to burst some bubbles but Zaido is a seriously messed up fantasy TV drama and no amount of defending it can change that fact. For instance, you can see how mediocre the budget is and two, the writing quality just sucks and very bad special effects make it worse. For example, every time Avilo appears, I am already expecting that stupid robot to break down anytime soon in the show. The Kuuma are laughably stupid that you might as well imagine their defeat within split seconds. If one can look at it, like how many episodes would it take before we see any transformation or any action? A lot?! I dropped it entirely because it's just plain stupid... it fails even for TV drama standards. Do you want better action drama? It's better you watch the Kamen Riders of the Heisei Era where pacing and action is better. Heck, even Kamen Rider Decade for me is million times better than Zaidorks. At least Kamen Ride Decade no matter how much I find it to be really the worst of the Heisei era of Kamen Riders still had proper pacing and you don't have all those stupid fillers. Zaido hardly has any plot and it just goes on and on with all its stupidity.

Besides, watching Super Sentai would still be more constructive than watching the horrible stupidity that are those telebasuras aired on ABiaS-CBN and GMA-7. Like it or not, telebasuras do too much spoonfeeding, it teaches you to be overly emotional than professional with all the overacting scenes, horrible acting, spoonfeeding which doesn't make you think at all... you can name a lot of plots that make telebasuras really stupid. Super Sentai may have childish plots since villains usually come up with convoluted and/or unbelievable plots but the villains weren't one dimensional. The villains were not just "bwahahahaha pure evil" but rather, they had their purpose to why they acted the way they did or that, even if they didn't really get a backstory... but you can see how different types of people easily blend or how the villains give you better reasons to hate them. Even when Super Sentai has those stupid plans to take over the world by its villains but the characters are still more dynamic and interesting than those annoying telebasuras!

Those who watch telebasuras tend to have chicken brains or squatter brains based on my observation with people in real life. I have noticed how people I know who watch telebasuras have their OA/praning attitude, love for intrigue or planning detrimental against someone, how often they overreact to even the slightest issues in life. If you observe the pictures above, sorry if I have to stray off-topic but I believe Filipino Super Sentai fans may want to take advantage of how easily butthurt FLIPFAGs are. They coudl use that comic strip above that showed how two FLIPFAGs (one of them is a nurse) spend too much time arguing over trivial issues that it led to the death of a patient. Sad to say but that kind of culture is very prevalent among telebasura viewers. That's why I prefer to stay away from those annoying telebasura watchers because they tend to behave in such a way that annoys me.

I tend to also observe the attitude of bitterness among FLIPFAGs back in my day when they say stuff like, "Don't you realize that the Japanese invaded the Philippines during World War 2 you Japanese collaborator." type of talk and sad to say, some of the FLIPFAGs who said that to me when I was a child, still have that attitude as an adult. Haven't they realized that Japan had already been sorry of their faults last World War 2, Imperial Japan is dead and that we only have Modern Japan. One of the worst attitudes of the FLIPFAG that you may want to show is their habitual bitterness and sore loser attitude. Super Sentai is a result of Modern Japan, not Imperial Japan. Whether they like it or not, Japan is not an enemy of the Philippines anymore. Come on, have they forgotten about Filipino-Japanese Friendship Day? After World War II, Japan ended its empire and got modernized, now it's an important ally of the Philippines. So what if your so and so was beaten up by the Japanese back in World War 2? Those were Japanese soldiers, not Japanese citizens who did the atrocity. GET OVER IT, WORLD WAR 2 IS ALREADY OVER!

Again what's so funny is that as they keep blah-blah-blah-ing about the already done and over with Japanese invasion (and that the Japanese haven't paid enough or that all Japanese are evil because World War 2) or whatsoever, much of FLIPFAG culture was cultivated by the Spaniards. Before, the Filipino natives were usually industrious but no thanks to Spanish colonization, values have changed for the worst. Spain can be credited for uniting the 7,107 islands into one or two, taking the Philippines out of the stone age but knowing the archipelago got named after a Spanish king is something. I have noticed how more often than not, some history books describe that the Spaniards brought the wrong values of fiesta mentality, spendthrift behavior, arrogance (and yup, sad to say but a lot of Spaniards are really arrogant douchebags).

I would have to really laugh at the self-contradictory hypocrisy. They hate Japan because back then, the Imperial Japanese force attacked and invaded the Philippines. The Japanese that hurt their grandparents aren't the same Japanese of today. What is worth laughing it is probably how they are watching their beloved telebasuras on TV sets that are made in Japan like Sony or Panasonic or maybe, some of their appliances like their electric fan is made in Japan (Nikkon and Asahi to name a few). Maybe they are also eating some instant noodles which is a Japanese invention or using monosodium glutamate in their cooking, which again is a Japanese invention. Maybe some of them even idolize President Nobita who is having an alliance with Japan while they may be adoring Korina Sanchez-Roxas' wish that the typhoon will go to Japan, while watching the broadcast on a Japanese-made TV set. Huehuehuehuehue to the hypocrisy of FLIPFAGs - they hate Japan but the probability that they are using made in Japan items might be 90 Japanese products to 10 non-Japanese products.

So FLIPFAGs can say they hate foreign blood but say, "Woohoo kabayan!" to Sayaka Akimoto who is also HALF-JAPANESE... don't make me laugh!

Maybe it can also be time to see on FLIPFAGs who say, "I hate foreign shows! I will only watch Filipino shows." as if their TV sets were Filipino branded and Filipino made, then they can have that stupid heel face turn when a Pinoy (or half-Pinoy) shows up. Just for a note, Power Rangers does have some Filipino cast members like Michael Copon (but he's half on his father side) in Time Force, Jeffrey Farazzo (Filipino who was born and grew up in Canada) in Dino Thunder, Rhoda Montemayor in Operation Overdrive (she is born in London) and Aljin Abella in Jungle Fury and Christina Masterson (half-Filipino on the mother side, ugh I hate mentioning her). In the case of the Japanese originals in contrast to licensed adaptations or remakes, we have Sayaka Akimoto who appeared in the Ultraman Saga movie only or Yu Takahashi who appeared in Kamen Rider Kiva as Yuri Aso. It might be time to shout again, "WOOHOO KABAYAN!" while they may have previously stated, "BOO! IT'S NOT PINOY TV!" So seriously, WILL THEY MAKE UP THEIR FREAKING MIND UP OR NOT HUH?! More often than not, they just keep contradicting themselves and change their stance whenever they feel it's convenient for them.

We can also discuss some lessons in Super Sentai that are so contrary to FLIPFAG culture with the following examples below:

All for one and one for all... more Filipinos need to learn more about the importance of team spirit!

Super Sentai as a genre teaches the power of teamwork. In unity there is strength, that is one of the many ongoing lessons in Super Sentai. While FLIPFAGs have their tendency to get jealous even of their teammates, the Philippines is plagued with crab mentality, Super Sentai is one of the many shows that demonstrates the power of unity. Each member in a Super Sentai team are unique yet they are able to work together in harmony because of a common cause - to fight the evil that threatens their respective community and each member is just as important as each other. Correct me if I'm wrong but I feel like that there was a great sense of unity during Henshin Con 2015!

Only if the Philippines were united for a common good, there can be real progress for the nation. Just look at how Japan manages to be united for a common good in both good times and the bad. The Philippines' lack of progress may be attributed to a lack of unity, because the Philippines is having its problems with being divided and being united for the wrong reasons. What I have noticed is that teamwork in the Philippines is very fair-weathered. A lot of Filipinos tend to unite for a common cause only when it involves their countryman who's about to get executed abroad or two, to bandwagon on the success of another Filipino. In the local workplace, there is usually the tendency to practice crab mentality which results to getting no work done properly due to a lack of cooperation.

Now I would like to address some of the issues with Super Sentai shows that aired in the Philippines during the 90s. If you can remember we had Bioman, Maskman, Jetman, Fiveman, Turboranger and Goggle V. The series that managed to end were Bioman (the final episode had an English dub), Jetman and Fiveman. As much as I don't like to ever mention the Tagalog or English dubs (I prefer fan subs and official subs) but... I'll mention some instances that may be an eye opener. Oh boy, it's time to get ready for the bad comments, right? I'm making this post as long as possible... just to prove that FLIPFAGs are usually point missing idiots.

Well a shower of gold coins would definitely cause a lot of trouble...

Bioman episode five shows how the greed of the human heart can be exploited. The episode focused on Doctor Man's scheme to turn Kagiyama district in Japan into a greed city. Monster along with some Mecha Clones disguised themselves as humans - Monster was soon known as the "Gold Boss". He would appear in that particular town and announce the rain of the golden coins. The whole scam involved Mummy Kans which was invisible to radar and only visible to Monster's special shades. The people here wanted easy money and the invisible Mummy Kans would throw the golden coins, making it look like it was raining golden coins. People turn crazy because of the easy money which they didn't have to work for resulting to what Doctor Man wanted - their greed would surface. Every time they run out money, the same crackpot project resumed itself which caused the whole town to become a vice city in itself. Kagiyama was becoming a city where people just steal from each other without working hard for their money.

If you try to put the scene in a Filipino context, you may want to realize it but FLIPFAGs tend to want easy money. Working overseas has huge income but it's tiresome - for example, Singapore's domestic helpers are far better paid than domestic helpers in the Philippines. The salary that Singapore gives for domestic helpers isn't really enough for the typical spendthrift FLIPFAG. If you want some symbolism, Monster's human guise as the "Golden Boss" can be viewed as the dirty recruiter. People in that episode were getting crazy as the promise for easy money made them do all a lot of crazy stuff such as stealing from each other. FLIPFAGs would want a shower of golden coins rather than having to work for golden coins the hard way. As a result, they are prone to irrational decisions like working for drug syndicates or any job that guarantees easy money, without realizing easy money is money that is easy go. It's no wonder that the Philippines has become a paradise for criminal syndicates because sad to say but FLIPFAGs just want easy money.

Jun's very first focus episode on archery shows... true strength is not built overnight!

Super Sentai also teaches another value that FLIPFAGs tend to hate which is the value of putting one's personal life aside whenever it's needed to protect the greater good. You can view it as "It's your duty above your personal feelings." I remembered Bioman episode 13 when Jun had to choose between the Olympics and her career as a Bioman, that she must fight with her teammates against New Empire Gear. She could have kept winning gold medals for Japan, yell Japanese pride but what if one day, Gear would ultimately succeed in its plans to conquer humanity? It would be utterly stupid of anybody to just keep their pride up never mind that they have a duty to perform. It's no wonder why services in the Philippines is so sucky because people refuse to put their personal life aside whenever they need to.

At the same time, that episode taught of the lesson that achievement that is easy come is easy go. if Jun's personal life vs. her duty as a Bioman was not the only focus, the episode would also show the valuable lesson of easy come is easy go. Doctor Man creates the strengthening ray which he used on Monster, Messerjuu and some Mecha Clones. At first, Monster and his team had a heck of a time dealing with the Biomen, it was very easy at first. Jun on the other hand trained herself really hard which paid off. At first, she lost confidence because she accidentally shot Shiro's hand while they were in battle. She tried to aim for the perfect shot which she eventually got. When Monster and Messerjuu were trying to strengthen up, Jun's newly perfected shot stopped them from getting the power up they wanted. It also showed how true success is not an overnight affair which FLIPFAGs just need to learn! Which is a shame really that they keep bandwagoning on Manny Pacquiao but fail to realize that the national fist of the Philippines believed in hard work, not in an overnight success.

Certain Super Sentai seasons can also teach us of the dangers of blind allegiance towards a despotic ruler. Do you remember the Tube in Maskman? The first episode showed how the recurring villains had their blind loyalty towards the de-facto ruler, Emperor Zeba who appeared as an imposing figurehead. Emperor Zeba had corrupted Tube from a peace-loving empire into an empire ruled by his despotism - nobody ever got away with questioning his identity or should they discover anything against him, he would sooner or later send them to their deaths. The blind allegiance of Igam, Fumin, Baraba and Oyobur was really detrimental to them. When you think of it, Igam herself was probably the biggest victim of such blind allegiance. Even after certain clues were given, Igam remained stubborn and still served Emperor Zeba who promised her the restoration of the Igam name.

There are also the political loyalists of the Philippines who refuse to see the flaws of their leaders. Aquinotards would yell, "President Nobita is the best president!" while Macoytards are equally stupid with their "Marcos was the best president! Senator Bongbong Marcos as President for 2016!" which neither side really has any logical thinking at all. Some people keep saying that, "Yehey! PNoy is the best ever! We have a bright future!" but ignore all the blunders such as the DAP, PDAF, restoring Alan Impurisima into power when he shouldn't be allowed to serve anymore, the stupid Commission on Human Rightsand not to mention, his refusal to apologize to Hong Kong for the Rolando Mendoza incident was indeed facepalm worthy. Again, the stupidity of blind allegiance may also be another reason why the Philippines is so plagued with BAD POLITICS.

Prince/Princess Igam got so butthurt that her sister Princess Ial fell for a surface dweller... and her pride was so hurt she got so irrational!

Prince/Princess Igam can also be a good picture of Pinoy Pride which is accompanied by fuzzing over one's wounded pride. FLIPFAGs can be like Igam in some way. Remember how Igam hated Takeru who was dating her younger twin Ial? She thought Ial's falling in love with Takeru smeared their name, she thinks that she can only restore honor to their family by following some charismatic villain in Emperor Zeba and two, by killing Takeru to 'restore their honor'. More often than not, FLIPFAGs have their easily wounded pride.

Just think of how FLIPFAGs tend to shout foul whenever a Filipino team is defeated by a foreign team or worse, when they are the competitors themselves. They are putting too much emphasis on their pride it makes them do irrational actions. After all, was Princess Igam any more rational when she chose to serve Emperor Zeba who promised her the restoration of her family's honor? She wasn't a bit rational at all, in fact she really suffered a lot as a result of her own actions and allowing herself to be so pitiful in her actions. While Igam did redeem herself in Maskman's finale, I wonder how many FLIPFAGs will ever redeem themselves from their Pinoy Pride mentality?

Kiros is a highly dishonorable man himself... he would do anything to get what he wants!

Thief Knight Kiros himself might also be another picture of Pinoy Pride that would inevitably ended up pretty badly. He was introduced as a villain who just didn't respect rules, he was a real troll against the Maskmen and Tube who had the reputation of stealing anything he fancies. I mean just look at the way he talked to Emperor Zeba the first time they met. He may also represent the problem that FLIPFAGs have with being shallow, arrogant and self-centered. If you think of his reasons for wanting to defeat the Maskmen and his rivalry with Takeru, it's because of his lust for Princess Ial accompanied with his narcissistic tendencies to think he's the best man around.

Plus, this guy has no sense of honor considering that he would do anything to win, even cheat just to get what he wants. Also, he was also very ready to cry foul whenever a plan goes wrong like he freaking wanted to kill Haruka and Momoko for outsmarting him in his own game. FLIPFAG culture hardly has any sense of honor from what I've experienced. Like I remembered how certain people got eliminated in a competition because they would cheat just to win. They would take advantage of the person at their weakest by firing below the belt questions, taking pleasure in other people's anger and they just love to troll others but when things backfire, they cry foul. In the end, he died as a victim of his own conceit and greediness.

Too bad for Igam, she didn't have access to Kris Aquino to make her plan succeed!

Maskman had an episode focusing on the problem of getting starstruck along with its consequences. Maskman episode 13 had the episode when a lot of people in Japan were obsessing over the new idol known as "Marina" without realizing the dangers behind it. People were getting crazy over Marina's appearance, unaware it's a real trap. What would be so not surprising is how the show is a symbolism of how starstruck ignorance can be your undoing. In that episode, some reporter named Youko was trying to uncover the truth ass he noticed something weird about Marina, that is she was really Fuumin in disguise. The starstruck fans wanted her autograph without questioning the strange pen she was using, perhaps symbolizing the lack of critical thinking. What happens is that people who got the autograph were soon encased in cocoons where they would soon mutate into Angler soldiers. Youko who was trying to uncover the truth was also caught by the cocoon, perhaps she is a symbolism of how starstuck mentality will soon affect those who are not into it. Youko was soon encased even if she didn't ask the autograph might be a picture of how people can soon get affected by the actions of stupid people.

The Philippines has this problem in a wider scale especially with Kris Aquino herself... every last detail about her is given TOO MUCH FOCUS, they are NOT important news compared to events like the Kentex factory fire in Valenzuela or any major disaster that caused the lives of millions. Go ahead and say I'm just jealous of her like that stupid I.R. Baboon. Sad to say but the starstruck mentality makes it very easy to enslave people especially with Kris involved as a real weapon of mass distraction. ABiaS-CBN has succeeded where Tube's celebrity distraction plan had failed. Kris doesn't need any supernatural powers. If people follow every detail of her, if they think everything wrong she does is sanctified by her status as an Aquino, that she's the youngest daughter of Ninoy and Cory, that her brother is the incumbent president - she has enslaved more people than Tube ever will. But not only her you might consider how ABiaS-CBN's celebrities are indeed getting the most starstruck attention. It just reminded me of how Piolo Pascual's mall tour caused some of my gaga fangirl groupmates to treat it like it was a big deal. You may also think of the mini-chaos that ensued during the One Direction ticket incident and some of those who threw tantrums were not teenagers but the parents lining up while some teenagers showed some dignity in accepting their disappointments.

You can be a Super Sentai fan and still be a mature person!

Well it's time for a call for Filipino Super Sentai fans to get their spirits on!

I believe that it's time for Filipino Super Sentai fans to really make this stand that they can be mature people and still like Super Sentai to a certain extent. Just because some Super Sentai fans do cosplay doesn't necessarily mean they are childish. Some cosplayers I know are mature enough to know when to stop cosplaying and to resume cosplaying when they have the time. Just because some of my friends are still buying Super Sentai toys doesn't necessarily mean they are childish. I have a tenant who still collects toys but he has been able to pay his rentals on time. One may also consider reading this entry at Chinocracy concerningadults who collect toyswhere he refutes the idea that toy collecting is immediately childish. These hobbies aren't wrong unless you don't know how to manage your time and finances. Like no Super Sentai fan in the right state of mind would go to their workplace in a cosplay attire since it would be best worn only in events like costume parties and otaku conventions.

Don't worry Nobuo Akagi you are not alone... I am with you!

It's getting very annoying how FLIPFAGs can get when they tend to have the feeling that they are the most mature people in the world. Some of the feeling mature may occur as early as 11 or 12, but as said feeling mature does not make you mature. I remembered the scene from Akibaranger when Nobuo Akagi somehow felt insecure with his age of 29 years - that he was still a Super Sentai fan. Come on, nothing is ever wrong with that. Chris Cantada is 30 years old, he's married and he's still a Super Sentai fan and I don' think anything is wrong with that. Some people at JE Fusion are past 30 but are still into Super Sentai or Tokusatsu in general. Some of them might even be married and with a child, but are still into Tokusatsu.

Just a bit of sidetrack. Sometimes cosplayers have other reasons to cosplay. What if the cosplayer himself was a talented dressmaker and wanted to increase his or her traffic to his or her business right? If you think about it, a dressmaker appears with a very convincing Super Sentai villain costume, she might dress up as Bandora from Zyuranger with every last detail so well done by her meticulous work of art. Then she introduces herself as a dressmaker and people would want to avail of her abilities. Another might be the toy collector may have other reasons for collecting the toys. He might be an appreciator of art and some Sentai toys look badass. I noticed how some toy collectors put their collection in a huge display rack. At times, I will confess I would buy toys not only to feel young but also, I freaking just found something attractive and I want to display it. It made me think that again, cosplayers and toy collectors are not necessarily childish and even if there are childish people among them but I've observed a good population of cosplayers and toy collectors (from my circles) to be pretty mature and dignified people.

Sometimes, those who "deviate from the norm" are actually more mature and responsible... than those who don't... and I don't find that weird as time passes by!

There's also the tendency for the feeling mature crowd to start butting in based on my experience. Again, feeling mature people are not mature people... they are childish people who think they are so mature with their actions. FLIPFAGs have their feeling mature tendencies because deep within, they are the ones who are really childish. They tend to laugh at the Anime or Tokusatsu fans as childish, stupid and immature but look who is talking. How immature can the feeling mature crowd be? I can view them as a group of people who are overly insecure people. Again, it's very normal to feel insecure every now and then. Even I feel insecure from within whenever a friend of mine has the latest video game system or has a nice cellphone but I know I shouldn't let it rule over me or I'd do a lot of stupid stuff like ruin a friendship over something trivial. Even mature people still have to struggle with insecurities and admit they do suffer from them. Even the most mature Super Sentai fan will suffer from some form of insecurity like... even if the person's not acting like a child, he or she may feel like, "Crud! That guy's costume is so badass compared to mine!" even if he or she would later compliment the person from the heart later on in an event. The jealousy exists, you cannot deny it but the other person is mature enough not to let it get the best of him or her.

A lot of instances will continue to show how the feeling "mature" crowd are nothing but a bunch of losers in the long run. For instance, you can see how they comment with all the crude language, below the belt questions (since they can't win a fair argument), insults, threats to do physical harm, etc. will continue to prove that they are a bunch of immature losers with how they handle their insecurities (which they pass on to others). Sure they can try to prove how mature they are with their activities like heavy drinking, doing drugs like shabu, fool around with the opposite sex, join gangsters, bully others, etc. but such activities prove that they are worse than children. You might think of how these feeling mature people are more often than not fond of asking stupid questions just for the sake of irritating somebody, they want to play tough like using physical force, they would do name calling or talk tough because they feel mature while doing it, they want to irritate others because they think it's fun - don't these behavior remind you of offenses that exist in the elementary days or what children do to dominate each other? Sad to say but some people just refuse to grow up right?

Don't worry... you guys are still okay for a group of adults who love Super Sentai!

I soon find the real mature crowd and that I know more adult Super Sentai fans who are actually acting grown up over the feeling mature crowd. Even if they wouldn't say like, "Well Red Hawk will do his duty first." or "Gai Yuki learned something important." for all the time, but they really show a stronger sense of responsibility. I've also met Super Sentai fans who do their heroic duties expecting nothing in return or willing to risk themselves to help others. If you try to remember Super Sentai, popularity was not their reason for fighting. The Megarangers continued fighting even if they felt like quitting at first because the whole of Japan turned against them. In Jetman, Ryu soon realized the error of his ways. That error was when he was hiding his separation from his girlfriend, Rie Aoi, from everyone or that Gai Yuki learned to mature beyond his irresponsible self as the show progressed. Super Sentai has a lot of life lessons that in the midst of villains with convoluted and/or really stupid plans to take over the world, I feel like the show has a lot of symbolism that was meant to teach us some moral values in certain episodes like Dynaman might be viewed as an anti-racist season.

Just to close, I would admit that I have actually become neutral with newer Super Sentai post-Gokaiger. Ninninger is still somewhat entertaining, Gobusters for me has gotten a bit of my favor but I think ToQGer and Kyoryuger aren't my type of shows. I cannot deny how Super Sentai in the past had influenced me one way or another for the better. While I may not be so huge with Super Sentai anymore, but still... GO GO FILIPINO SUPER SENTAI SPIRITS! Fight the evil FLIPFAG CULTURE of the Philippines!


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