Revealing A Few Of My Secret Wacky Wishful Thinking For Super Sentai After Yoshi Sudarso's Surprise Cameo

Yoshi Sudarso's surprise cameo was the icing on the cake, the real cake itself was when he went to Toei Studios and met the Ninningers with some Kyoryugers. After his trip to "Super Sentai Wonderland", this came to my mind.

For Abaranger considering it was aired on the tenth anniversary of Mighty Morphin' instead of Zyuranger (which for me is okay but feels weird in some ways), I thought that Walter Emmanuel Jones (right) should have played Bucky Bonds instead of Samuel Pop Aning in Abaranger.

Since James MacLurcan met the Go-ongers behind the scenes, I thought there should have been an episode he could have had a cameo as a tourist or a fan of Sosuke. Either way, that would have been a pleasant surprise cameo but I guess he had other obligations to face or his visit was unexpected. But still, it would have been good if he really guest-starred, wouldn't it?

I wished Jason David Frank appeared in the Christmas episode of Gekiranger. If a white man and a child could guest star, I don't see any reason why JDF wouldn't be able to do it, it would have been better for me. I felt like him guest starring in Gekiranger would fit with his career as a martial artist.

For Shinkenger episode 39, Amy Jo Johnson would have been 39 years old but I really wanted to make her act as Mako's mother no matter how awkward it was. She could have just a few lines considering that Mako's mother doesn't really have much screen-time either.

This is just a few of the wacky wishful thinking I had with Power Rangers casts appearing in Super Sentai. Chances of them meeting each other during events is still much higher than them guest starring due to time constraints.


  1. For 5 seconds Sudarso's appearance is almost irrelevant as it is so short and there was no full interactions.

    Seeing Seiju Umon and Walter Jones posing is awkward because Umon-San is taller and much more mammoth size(no pun intended).

    JDF in Gekiranger would have been a great honor!

    I know your eternal crush for Amy Jo Johnson but there is no way she can play Mako's mother as Mako is 100% Japanese and that makes no logical sense. I can see another Pink Princess for that role, Reiko Chiba.


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