My Own List Of What I Consider As Super Sentai's Weirdest Or Funniest Mecha Innovations

In the process of innovation, it's never been always an upward road. Sometimes, it turns out bad and sometimes it turns out good. Sometimes, it just turns out really weird but not necessarily bad mecha innovations. Here's some of the weirdest innovations in Super Sentai for me and many of them exist in shows I like.

While Goggle V should be credited for introducing the first three piece mecha but it was also pretty weird in this way. Why is it only piloted by Goggle Red, Goggle Blue and Goggle Yellow?

Secondary robots can be good or bad at a case-to-case basis. Flashman is a popular season, I'm liking it. What I find weird (not necessarily bad) is that the Titan Boy merges with its trailer to form the Great Titan to finish off the enemy. Good thing the concept for the secondary robot was removed in favor of an ultimate combination in later seasons.

Maskman introduced a rather odd design for the Galaxy Robo, the tit guns. So really, what's up with these tit guns? They do pack a punch but I thought the cannons should have been located at the shoulders instead. Professor Yamagata has a weird imagination.

The Super Turbo Robo is the most clunky design between the primary and secondary robot. Good thing this wasn't repeated in later seasons. This was so clunky that I wonder what was Dr. Dazai thinking?!

Buster Ohranger Robo's gattai method. So what was Chief Miura thinking when he decided to fuse both robots back to back? The finisher move is cool but I can't still help but laugh at the design.

What's the whole idea of Daizyujin having to pass through Dinotanker? Sure it looks cool and all but I thought it was most likely a gimmick to sell toys. I thought it'd be better if they just combined immediately rather than having to go through this. =P

Heavy Armor Chi Palace has a really cool design but I really found the finisher to be WTF inducing. First the combination flies up then drops down on the enemy. I just find it amazing how the Dairangers are able to stomach doing that and not puke at the end of the battle.

RV Robo's combination process is sort of weird as well but I guess it was made to fit with the automobile theme even more. The Carrangers have to form some kind of huge vehicle before it becomes the RV Robo.

Victory Robo's gattai method for me made me think what in the world were the producers thinking? Instead of combining like other previous mecha, it does take a bit of downgrade as they have to be lifted and carried. Granted that it's a rescue show so it's understandable.

Dekawing Robo's cannon mode. The robot design is cool and all but I thought that the idea of a combining robot becoming a cannon is just... weird. It makes me wonder how did the Dekarangers survive the process while the cannon is blasted? I guess SWAT Mode helps them endure the pressure huh?

Go-onger's mecha becomes so clunky. The more the Go-on Engines combined, the more I thought the designs were very clunky. Considering the comedy nature of the show, I guess these designs fit their purpose.

Pulling something from Daigoyou's butt so he could unleash his finishing move. Was Genta drunk on sake when he thought of that?

Shinken-Haoh has to be the weirdest clustermecha combination. While I had all my respects for Ultimate Daibouken, I found this one utterly weird. =P

ToQGer's mecha for me is either bland or just horrible plus I really can't like the show. Just because it's a train themed Super Sentai doesn't mean the mecha has to look the way they are.

A humanoid mecha piloting a mecha? I always thought that design for Shurikenjin was really funny. Then it ends up a mecha piloting a mecha piloting a mecha for the ultimate combination. I think that's pretty weird.

What else can you name?


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