My First Impressions On Kyuuranger Before It Even Airs!

This just in from JEFusion they have given an update on Kyuranger, I'd like to give my first impressions before it even airs. Zyuohger will end some time in February then Kyuranger will air on February 12, 2017. Here's my thoughts so far.

The plot... but let's see how it'll turn out

Here's what JEFusion reveals about the plot. Credit also goes to Toku Nation:

Set in the distant future in a universe ruled by the evil Jack Matter organization, nine individual, each representing different constellations of their home world, has been chosen top become the protectors called Kyuurangers.

So how are the nine rangers going to come together? Will we first see a group of five then they're progressively added? I hope so. I feel that the show will not be a very typical Super Sentai. There are times I feel that Super Sentai needs to jump off the time frame every now and then. Before Ohranger was supposedly retconned it was aired in 1995 but the year was 1999. Jetman only took place in 199X without a specific year. Only Flashman, Maskman, GoGoFive, Timeranger and Go-Busters had it on the viewer's faces that their plot taking place in the same year that the series were aired namely 1986, 1987, 1999, 2000 and 2012 though I may have missed a lot more.

This is what I'd call breaking the mold. Space-themed Tokusatsu was already done in old school though I can only mention Gavan, Sharivan, Shaider, Spielban, Juspion, Changeman, Flashman and in extension Dekaranger (a huge homage to Space Sheriff series with elements of Rescue Police) but most of the battles took place on Earth. I don't think Kyuranger will take place on Earth and may actually improve on the Terra Venture concept that Lost Galaxy didn't explore too well. 

The ranger cast is probably the mold breaker we need...

It looks like these guys are the primary team. I guess the other four will just join in progressively (or not). But I find the introduction interesting. Here it goes:

The Kyuurangers are composed of humanoids, aliens and robotic members. Each of them were chosen by the Kyutamas.

Shishi Red/Lucky (Takumi Kizu) - A traveling warrior from outer space who was born from the Shishi system.

Chameleon Green/Hammy (Sakurako Ookuba) - A space ninja from the Chameleon system.

Kaijiki Yellow/Spada (Tetsuji Sakakihara) - A cook from the Kaijiki system who's main goal in life is to become a top chef of the universe.

Hebitsukai Silver/Naga Ray (Taiki Yamazaki) - An emotionless warrior from the Hebitsukai system.

Sasori Orange/Stinger (Yousuke Kishi) - A mysterious warrior from the Scorpio system.

Now for the non-humanoid ones. Here's what's currently known about them:

Ookami Blue/Garu - A half man, half beast from the Ookami system.

Tenbin Gold/Balance - A mechanical life form and thief from the Tenbin system.

Oushi Black/Champ - A robotic wrestling champion from the Oushi system.

Wahis Pink/Laputa283 - A pilot android from the Washi system.

If there are humanoids or aliens then this may be a Star Trek x Super Sentai series type of formula. The Gokaigers were the first team of aliens (minus Gai Ikari) but the battle took place on Earth. So they're born from different systems. This is taking a stretch to Flashman's five rangers grown in five different planets in some "lost galaxy" since they're all born in different systems. With the technology available I think it's possible to have a Star Trek type Tokusatsu. 

The staff that will work with the series behind the scenes

Here's also the interesting reveal:

Veteran tokusatsu writer Nobuhiro Mori (Kamen Rider OOO and Kamen Rider Gaim) will be writing the series while Takayuki Shibasaki of Zyuohger will be directing and Hirofumi Fokuzama will take charge of the action directing. The show's music will be scored by Kousuke Yamashita where the opening song will be entitled "Lucky Star" and the ending theme will be called "Kyuutama Dancing". The series will be produced by TV Asahi's Motoi Sasaki.

It's too early to judge Nobuhiro Mori but knowing he's involved in two of my favorite post-Decade Kamen Riders namely OOO and Gaim I hope it'll turn out okay. Also, Hirofumi Fokuzawa is part of the Red Action Club as well as involved in Gransazers, Justirizers and Sazer-X. This may be the huge leap that Super Sentai or for Toei's list of Tokusatsu would need to get things up and going. Will this be the start of a new formula for Super Sentai or will we get an entirely new genre? Either way, it may be a win-win situation.


  1. I can't wait. This series is gonna rock. Robots for team members + 9 rangers around the start?

  2. I can't wait for Kyuranger...I'm a fan of Zyuohger,but Kyuranger is very promising for me....


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