Five Reasons Why I Prefer Gekisou Sentai Carranger Over Power Rangers Turbo

As said, this is just my opinion defended by some facts so feel free to disagree with me. I would like to share why I end up preferring Carranger over Power Rangers Turbo. I felt like writing this article knowing that Carranger is coming out from Shout! Factory this April 25, 2017 and today is the anniversary of that super duper awful Power Rangers Turbo movie. Without much ado here are my five reasons to pick the super ridiculous Carranger over Turbo:

It's pretty much its own continuity

One of the many stuff that I like about Super Sentai in general (though I'll always have some seasons that I don't like regardless of era) is that you didn't need to watch all previous shows to understand newer seasons. You saw Zyuohger last year but did you need to watch Gokaiger to understand a huge slice of the show? You may have seen Gokaiger but did you need to watch all 34 series? Carranger is pretty much its own continuity and I still respect it for that. Good thing that Toei hardly makes direct sequels or if they do it's done better than how the Zordon Arc was in Power Rangers.

No failure of a movie before the series starts

The whole change of powers was pointless. Why would they replace the Zeo powers with Turbo powers? While it's understandable that Zeo ended up using the Zeo powers because they lost their powers but Turbo was a different issue. Super Sentai and Power Rnagers would usually have something destroyed in battle before they replaced it with a new item. The whole movie was pointless. Plus, the way Kimberly was treated there made me say, "Screw it!" and that's why I usually choose not to watch Power Rangers.

Kyousuke Jinnai may be an idiot but he's a way better better character than Tommy "Hercule" Oliver

Yes I consider Kyousuke to be an idiot but he's not like Tommy who I always liken to Hercule from the Dragon Ball franchise. Why I could like him as a character no matter how dumb he gets is because he matures and he's a real fighter. Sure, he's made a lot of mistakes but he's also matures as a character. He may not be intelligent but he's definitely a better leader than Tommy any day. Oh, I guess readers should know by now he's my favorite Carranger character.

Better humor than what Turbo offers

Bulk and Skull IMO aren't helping any plot. Same goes with every comic relief character like Cassidy and Devin (Dino Thunder), Spike (though I love imagining him being beaten up by Mako). While Carranger didn't save Super Sentai's ratings (and ratings only returned back to normal with Megaranger) but the humor is still better. Bulk and Skull should have just been written off seasons ago but no the two just end up doing almost nothing relevant. Also, Carranger is way more consistent in what it intends to be as a comedy series.

A well-defined finale

Power Rangers Turbo just gave us a stupid hanging finale sending everyone into space for the next season. Carranger also wrapped things up with how it had its finale. Carranger gave the conclusion everyone deserved. While the finale seems rushed (especially how the Bowzock could easily defect to the Carrangers is beyond me) but it's still better than having a dangling finale during the Zordon arc seasons.

Closing notes

Pretty much, I don't really care if certain shows I like weren't popular Super Sentai seasons. Carranger may have not normalized ratings but I feel it did improve Turboranger's cars x magical powers motif by a huge mile. It may have not done so well during its time but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. I still enjoy some shows that didn't do well during their airing. I hope I don't sound harsh or anything in sharing my views.


  1. Really? Your still on about Spike and imagining Mako, a character from a completely different franchise that has nothing to do with him beating him up? I thought that some day you would mature but no, your STILL talking about that damn detention center from your fan fiction. In fact, I think I've made up my mind about this. Back in 2015 I did a lets read of Super Sentai Vs Power Rangers, critiquing it's worse aspects along the way. And I think it's about time you see it.


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