My Thoughts On The Chou Super Hero Taisen Film

I remembered giving a really bad review on the first Super Hero Taisen movie and until now I think it's still a terrible movie. The idea's not bad but it's all based on on one fact -- it's hard to integrate such an ambitious project in a movie and a lot of the plots in all those movies are best done in video game format. Strangely enough, Chou Super Hero Taisen is a video game in the crossover movie's plot. As said, don't even try to harmonize Kyuranger and EX-AID into one universe as this is the third time that both Lucky and Emu meet each other for the first time. Please don't even attempt to connect all the Super Hero Taisen films and please treat them like you would treat the Super Robot Wars games.

So did Shoji "Patrick Star" Yonemura get it right in this one? In this case, I think it's a huge improvement from the first movie which deserved all the bashing. So what's the plot? It's where the video game world "Chou Super Hero Taisen" or Ultra Super Hero Taisen ends up merging with the real world. Classic old school games which I don't intend to replay like Xevious and Galaga cause trouble. The Kyurangers just enter into the movie like as if they weren't from another universe. I mean, don't you remember Kyuranger Space 18 showed that Kyuranger is an entirely different universe.

I could talk about the pros about the movie. I like the whole video game world and the concept of "Another Kagami" as well as video game versions of other characters. This main villain was a result of a child's depression adn he wasn't cured by the real Kagami. This causes cloned versions of various Super Sentai warriors and Kamen Riders to appear in a mysterious game show. The game system itself is a five vs. five team. If it were an actual video game you would have probably had a turn-based gameplay against another opponent though I expected something like Super Robot Wars. The movie itself has an atypical plot since it's a child's decision that could affect the whole world as we know it. As far as writing goes this is my favorite Super Hero Taisen film so far.

As for the cons I could always mention a lot of stuff I wish happened but couldn't happen. Only if we have the complete Zyuohger team instead of just Amu showing up in the flesh. Only if we had Kagura in her human form show up during the slot machine selection process. I mean, wouldn't it be nice to have the predecessors resume their roles for a huge non-canon crossover film? I think you can't just get everyone around. It was good to have Utchusemimaru's actor appear even if it was just a video game version. I know it's difficult to get a lot of seniors around considering some of them may be busy doing other projects.

Personally, I think the film had a lot of colorful action but as I love to say it, a video game (or comic series) would have been better than a film. I mean, if you had a video game you could even put a non-canon version of other villains whose actors wouldn't resume their roles. They could have put a whole stage devoted to Xevious, Galaga or maybe even Pacman (since it was used in the Kamen Rider EX-AID crossover film) or other arcade classics whose companies will allow it to be done. Sigh, only if Banpresto the company behind Super Robot Wars would just make a Super Hero Taisen video game.

What do you think of this crossover film?


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