I'm Feeling The Effects Of 2018's Time-Space Continuum

The arrival of a new year can make you think that time flies so fast, doesn't it? January 1, 2018 just entered and I'm entering into the time-space continuum for the nth time. I think about how time REALLY flies. It's like the first Super Sentai team may already be grandparents by now. It reminds me of how one can take a look at the younger picture of themselves, their parents, their grandparents... and in the case of Kyuranger it's already the Year 2318 as far as their continuity is concerned.

I thought of how I wanted to leave Tokusatsu for good until I realized I just needed a break. That's what I did and it reminded me of the time when I returned back to watching more new school Super Sentai last decade then I took a halt. I always take a break and sometimes, I find myself wanting to watch more Chinese drama and movies (mostly from Taiwan), Japanese drama and movies, Korean drama and movies - or I even have the urge to try and watch the Chinese and Korean Tokusatsu but screw it, I tend to think Japanese tend to do Toku the best!

It's not just I'm feeling the effects of age moving forward. I even feel like I want to enter into cryogenic sleep like Tsurugi did in the Year 2017 and wake up in 2317. I just want to deny to myself that the effects of the space-time continuum is hurting me. I feel like I still want to fight for a better tomorrow or fight fate as much as possible. It's also about how I may write less considering there's a heavy burden ahead. Yup, there's going to be a long road again in the Time-Space Continuum.

Kyuranger is coming to an end and we've got like five episodes left. I can't wait to see how Don Armage will be permanently defeated. It felt like yesterday when the first episode aired. It was a lot of time and we're in the final battle. We're already getting close to saving Kyuranger's Universe and taking it back for. Then I'm reminded that it's already 40 years since Star Wars: A New Hope and 30 years since Space Balls were screened in cinemas. Did Kyuranger have both films in mind? Most likely! The show was probably created in response to Disney releasing The Last Jedi. I don't know what to think anymore as of the moment.

I'm having my concerns with Kamen Rider Build right now. While I usually prefer new school Kamen Rider over old school Kamen Rider but it doesn't mean there won't be a few setbacks. What's research and development without finding flaws or what's innovation without learning from mistakes in order to make better products? I think the show is trying to sell as many Bandai merchandise as possible and it can be a drag at times. Right now, I feel like Kyuranger has been a better watch than Kamen Rider EX-AID and the ongoing Kamen Rider Build.

Lupinranger vs. Patranger will start this February 11, 2018. Then I look back and think once more - how old is old and how old are you? Lupin III is already a very old fictional series. It went from the 18th century Maurice Le Blanc and we had Lupin III which was a late 70s to early 80s Anime series. We had a Lupin III movie last 2014. Four years later, Arsene Lupin's legend will continue as a Super Sentai series. The plot also involves treasures left behind by Arsene Lupin (who may already be dead at this point) and they could affect the fate of the world. Doesn't that remind you of Boukenger? Also, the police are after these thieves. Doesn't that remind you of Gokaiger's Dekaranger tribute episode? 

Not to mention, we also have Maskman, Metalder and Kamen Rider Black who celebrated their 30th anniversary with Space Balls. You can think of how other shows also celebrated their major anniversaries such as JAKQ (40th), Goggle V (35th, and hopefully Dynaman subs will be completed early this year), Zyuranger (25th), Exceedraft (25th but seriously when I can see this subbed, SOON?!), Megaranger (20th), Hurricanger (15th), Kamen Rider Ryuki (15th), Gekiranger (10th), Kamen Rider Den-O (10th), Go-Busters (5th) and Kamen Rider Fourze (5th). I even ask myself will I be able to make more tributes as planned? I doubt it but I hope I can prepare a huge tribute post for all the major anniversaries. This year we would be having Dynaman (calling #MichaelBay), Liveman, Dairanger, Janperson, Gingaman, Abaranger, Kamen Rider Faiz, Go-onger, Kamen Rider Kiva (and I still have a soft spot for a show where Toshiki Inoue was practically overworked), Kyoryuger and Kamen Rider Wizard. 

Doesn't that make anybody reading this latest blog entry feel old? I do and that's why sometimes, I just feel like denying it to myself many times. But I've started to accept it (again) and I may enter into states of denial (again) but it's part of life isn't it? After all, if the time-space continuum didnt move forward then think of how many stuff can't be enjoyed by people today. Old people can now even get user friendly technology that they can enjoy with the younger ones. It's part of life to eventually get ravaged by the time-space continuum as it moves forward.