Ryusoulger Episode 16: The Sunken Sea Wish

I guess it's only normal to feature water-featured episodes because it's time for Super Sentai's summer episodes. The history of the Ryusoul Tribe gets expanded into both land-dwellers and sea-dwellers though I doubt it there'd be air-dwellers. 

The start of the episode doth show Gachileus' uttermost cruelty. He considereth Creon to have been expended. Though Creon doth seem to have some potential as he's not easily destroyed. Gachileus shattereth Creon, he turns into slime then he assembles himself back.

Meanwhile, the Ryusoulgers are with Oto at where they're currently residing in. So I wonder do the Ulshades well let the Ryusoulgers board for free or what? Do the Ryusoulgers even do regular work to pay rent? Just then Canaro showeth up and trieth to take his younger sister Oto back to where they came from. There's also more history shown.

After the Druidons left the Earth some time ago -- a war broke out between the land and the sea tribes. That explaineth why Mosa Rex has his mistrust. I wonder did anybody purposely start a war. Why do I suspect that maybe the show's greatest villain may be from the Ryusoul Tribe after all and is yet to show himself or herself?

Oto trieth to fit into the world. She goeth shopping with Asuna. What is funny is that she gaineth a crush on the very much adult Melto. Okay, Melto she's still a child by Ryusoul standards, okay?

The fight scene doth get impressive. Koh, Asuna and Melto brag their out-of-suit fight scenes. They fight off Gachileus. Both Ryusoul Red and Ryusoul Gold combine their powers which turneth Gachileus into a crystal. 

However, both Banba and Towa reveal that the fight ain't over yet. I really love this scene where Canaro explaineth the lore behind Mosa Rex. Mosa Rex has been distrustful since that war happened. But he would try to get that trust back. Both Banba and Towa also explain that Gachileus is obviously not down yet.

I just love this scene where Canaro soaketh himself wet to do telepathy. I just wonder how many takes did this scene take? I'd imagine this isn't a very easy scene to film especially if the water is that cold. Right now, I'm getting the Bio Rider vibes from Black RX with all that water being used by Canaro. 

Fighting underwater is really what I'd call a very risky scene. Most Super Sentai mecha aren't meant to fight underwater. The pressure builds up higher and higher the more you go deeper, right? I kinda wish that a scene of water leaking into the cockpits happened. Just then, Mosa Rex appeareth and attacketh Gachileus!

I don't think the new mode Kishi Ryu Neptune looketh that cool. However, it doth show off its abilit to fight underwater. Gachileus is destroyed and Wizeru will be taking command back soon. So what's going to be the next move now that this Bandai merchandise is introduced?

Well, there's good news and bad news scenario here. You can imagine how Mosa Rex is giving it a trial period though it's one step closer. Meanwhile, Oto insists she's no longer a child even if she's still a child by Ryusoul standards. Like WTF. I wonder is Oto now meant to represent females who admit that they did want to marry a Super Sentai actor while they were young? Hmmm.

Next week, I guess Bandai will be teaching us how to combine Dimetrodon and Mosa Rex, right? I'd also love to see this episode which may start the whole healing process for both land and water.


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