More Dekaranger Group Pictures

Here are some pictures of the Dekaranger cast. Sigh I wish I could just meet them in person. :-P

One of the photos where the cast members are kind of fooling around but Ayumi Kinoshita kind of looks serious. Reminds me of the incident when Jasmine-san banged me on the face!

I guess they're getting ready to face the audience.

Two lovely ladies and their most professional superiors. I kind of wonder doesn't the guy dressed up as Doggie Kruger get heated up?

Dramatizing the capture of Deka Pink in a very good way.

On stage, Mika Kikuchi shows she can really fight.

Hey where has Hoji/Deka Blue gone too? We can't find him.

And just one more... a really cool photo. Ryuji Sainei looks FUNNY.


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