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The Rivalry of Takeru and Kiros

Maskman has a lot of great plot elements in it... although Takeru does seem to hog most attention considering the fact he has two major rivals namely Igam and Kiros.  While his rivalry with Igam was based on honor killing, Kiros was one dishonorable bastard and here's what's the big deal about them.  This guy's rivalry with Takeru was something that just got from bad to worse for the hero until its conclusion.
Where do I start?  It's revealed in episode 27 where the villain first appears, Kiros is in love with Princess Ial and Takeru has NO IDEA that Mio is actually Princess Ial.  Kiros has a habit of collecting treasures but somehow, he decided he must have Ial because he finds her extraordinarily gorgeous (which may explain why he hasn't flirted with other girls).  Kiros though working independently, requests Zeba that if he can defeat the Maskmen, he will have Princess Ial.  Which becomes a real plot driver towads the next episode.  
In episode 28, a bizarre lo…

Blog Cleaning Up- Removed Eye Candy Posts!

Well  would like to announce that I have removed several eye candy pages.  As said, they were not meant to be here which as said, eye candy is fine but this is not the right place.  So I really ended up not putting the eye candy at the right place.

On the other hand, here's the blog you should be visiting for anything related to your favorite Tokusatsu actors and actresses with eye candy available:

Sean Akizuki's Favorite Oriental Celebrities

The celebrities blog is what I am currently working on.  So some other celebrity posts here like Red Mask's family life will remain but for eye candy, the blog I just sponsored is where the eye candy should have been for some time.  Please do remember that the celebrities blog is NOT only limited to Japanese actresses but also Chinese and Korean.  I'll try to clean up my blogs whenever I can.

My Favorite Plot Elements in Gekiranger

If there was any series I realized I love so much from last decade's Sentai, it's Gekiranger. Now first, I still like Dairanger better than this series overall, this series had issues for me like the CGI usage BUT still, this series. It's not shallow, it's very deep and you can get a lot of plot here. Well there's others with good plot back last decade or good storytelling but IMO, this show stands out. But feel free to tell your own series!

Now for my favorite plot elements in this series and this can also tell why I love this series so much:

The main characters and their storyline. For the Gekirangers, I think they are a very dymanic group from Jan, to Retsu who is my favorite of the original three and Ran who is the brains of the group (I love having women as the brains more than the guys in any group hero shows). Later we are introduced to Gou who is Retsu's older brother, which had a sibling rivalry at first but they got better. Ken, well he's cool an…

The Three Highnesses of Gaoranger

Gaoranger was interesting for me with its three Highness Arcs.  They were born the moment some Highness was needed.  Here are my thoughts on them when it came to the three Highness Arcs which three different big bads took over and were eventually merged into the ultimate Big Bad, Senki.

Org Highness Shuten- He had a short temper but at least he didn't treat Yabaiba and Tsuetsue as trash.  The fact that he decided to battle the Gaorangers' to a final battle was cool.  He started out pretty standard as a the first big bad.  Later he got serious with blocking the Gao Soul, cruelly thrashing the Gaorangesr until Pyo-Chan restored the Gao Souls.  Shuten was defeated by the newly restored Gao King then was killed by the new Org Highess, Ura.

Org Highness Ura- I thought he made the show more interesting with his subtle plots such as resurrecting Loki.  His action of resurrecting Loki brought some conflict when he got the Giraffe, Elephant, Panda and Bear crystals.  To make matters wo…

Physical Strength Isn't Everything in a Sentai Warrior!

It's a pretty tired argument to always comment on "lack of buff" or this and that, or that so and so is weak regardless of gender.  But one thing we must understand is that Super Sentai is not a one man army but rather a team.  So you really think about these type of warriors who may not be physically strong but make up because of something else they have which is helpful in battle.

Most of the smart rangers are usually portrayed to be the less strong or the least strong in the physical sense but guess what?  Sometimes the stronger rangers are just plain not so good in thinking.  Sara in Flashman usually makes up for her lack of brute strength with her wits.  You might name other examples like Renn in Go-onger, Haruna in Turboranger, Mei in Zyuranger, Hikaru in Bioman, Chisato in Megaranger, Ayase in Timeranger and Sen in Dekaranger.  Yes they can fight but they win with most of their brains and subtle tactics!  Some can think of extraordinarily bizarre and be super kick…

Introducing Toqger's Emperor Zed

"Wait a minute!  I didn't know that another Lord Zedd existed!  I am the real Lord Zedd, the emperor of evil!"

Well sorry Lord Zedd, there's another Emperor Zed.  And of course, I just thought that Toqger has taken from original concepts from Power Rangers or what, I mean Tokkati is pretty much another Noah from Megaforce (or Billy take your pick), had a crossover with Gaim (in movie form) like Shinkenger did with Decade (within the Decade series).  Now introducing the new Zed with just one d, Emperor Zed.  In fact, I even have the speculation that Lord Zedd's costume was meant for Dairanger's Gorma Emperor but was scrapped off.

So Toqger introduced its own Zed, the emperor of darkness for the series continuity.  I just hope he would be a nice mix of scariness and comic relief like post-marriage Zed was.  I was thinking I can't wait to see what his monster form really is.  Well with Sentai/PR belonging to two different universes, this Zed is not Lord Ze…

Character Gimmicks in Super Sentai

I did write a post on the gimmicks to sell toys, here's what could be writing on storyline gimmicks which I'll first focus on writing gimmicks.  So I was thinking of Hirohisa Soda, Toshiki Inoue, Yasuko Kobayashi, Naruhisa Arakawa and the late Noboru Sugimara or sub-writers like Kunio Fuji, here's some of those gimmicks I thought were gimmicks in story writing.  I could learn a thing or two from them:


Diverse cast of characters and adding new types.  You might want conflict among the characters as much as possible like Ryu vs. Gai Yuki (though the love triangle wasn't all that interesting compared to their clash of values).  Gai Yuki was pretty much a rebel.  Which of course comes in character development like how characters like Gai Yuki and Inou Masumi changed for the better as the series went by.

Interesting background stories building up mysteries around the heroes which also pulls them with the villains.  So yeah I'm putting Kou because for me, he'…

My Speculative Analysis of the Charm of Super Sentai

As a child who was born in 1985 and growing up in the 90s, I was thinking I just watched everything on TV and well if you wonder why I'm putting Bioman up there, it was my first Super Sentai!  But yeah, I don't want to re-air Bioman with all that stupid English dub, I want Japanese!  Bioman in itself was my first, Maskman, Fiveman, Turboranger, Jetman and Goggle V followed but sigh, I really hate to watch Sentai dubs now after being enlightened by real Japanese sources! =P

Moving on, I was thinking of the charm Super Sentai had as a franchise and why Power Rangers also became a real monster hit out of it!  While it does tick me off to why almost every Toku is labeled as Power Rangers (I can accept Sentai being called as the original Power Rangers) but let's really just keep the topic to the two shows which was part of me.  So rethinking of myself as that annoying brat child who caused trouble around (and imitated Kamen Rider Black and nearly broke my leg), I was somewhat …