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Zyuohger 31: Cube Whale Joins The Crew!

Last episode featured Cube Whale as an out of control Cube Animal. The preview already showed that it could become Dodekai-Oh. This week's episode becomes a good toy commercial.

Remembering Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger's Successful Ambitious Voyage Across The Universe After Five Years

It's been some episodes now since the 2,000th Super Sentai episode but I still want to talk about Gokaiger's successful ambitious voyage across the Universe. I would assume that back then a lot Super Sentai fans would have already dreamed of a massive Super Sentai crossover. Years later, Gokaiger accomplished that and a lot of fans got what they were asking for: a huge anniversary Super Sentai crossover.

Zyuohger 30: The Arrival Of Cube Whale!

Episodes 28-29 were celebration of Super Sentai's 1,999th to 2,000th episode. We have Zyouh Whale introduced as Yamato Kazakiri's third form. It's time to tackle on what could be a more exciting part of Zyuohger.

Sixth Ranger Galore From 1992-2016

I remembered a couple of years ago, Shogo wrote on his opinion on the sixth rangers. Now it's my turn to write about them. I could start by saying that the sixth hero innovation has me mixed. Some of my favorites in the shows were the sixth heroes. Others weren't my favorites. Please don't look for the Magne Warrior and X-1 Mask here as they weren't official members of Bioman and Maskman. So without much ado, here are they. Also, this won't include extra rangers but only those who are officially SIXTH in the show.

Without further ado, let's get into the sixth ranger list. Remember, spoilers ahead so read at your own risk!

Happy Moon Festival 2016: Remembering The Story Of Princess Kaguya In Boukenger!

This year, the Moon Festival fell on this day of September 15, 2016. It's been ten years since Boukenger but I see no harm in actually bringing back Boukenger episode 13, "Phantom Thief Selene". The actress was played by Nana Yanagisawa who later on played Megumi Aso in Kamen Rider Kiva. Note that the episode didn't air during the Mid-Autumn of 2006. What's a bigger coincidence is that Super Sentai hit its 2,000th episode on the week of the Midautumn Festival.

Phantom Thief Selene was presented to be looking for the potion of immortality. It's also something that the Jaryuu wanted to get. After the episode's end, we see that Selene (who's named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene) may actually be Princess Kaguya herself. The immortality potion may have been derived from the Chinese version of the story. It's still better to treat Princess Kaguya and Chang Er as two different characters though.

The story of Princess Kaguya does have her as…

Zyuohger 29: Finally! Celebrating Super Sentai's 2,000th Episode! The Conclusion Of The Clash Of Two Anniversaries!

Last week celebrated the 1,999th episode of Super Sentai. As said, Carranger failed to celebrate the 999th to 1,000th episode with a bang for some reason. So what's in store for this two part crossover which I'll dub as "Zyuohger VS. Gokaiger"? It's one huge anniversary that wasn't given to Super Sentai. Plus, I'm glad that we didn't have it like what we had with Kamen Rider OOO's celebration of Kamen Rider's 1,000th episode.

Red Ranger's The Star Of the Show: A Closer Look At Red-Centric Seasons!

While watching Zyuohger from episode one up to present, it can't be denied that even when you've got a good show there's still some weaknesses with it. One of them is when you've got a red-centric season. Considering that red is the star of the show, it's very easy to have Super Sentai series where red rangers get that much focus than to even out character development. This time, I'll write all the way from 2016 back to 1987 to examine the red-centric trend. Note that most of these are my favorite shows.

Warning: Spoilers follow!

Carranger Episode 20 Is Super Sentai's 1,000th Episode!

It's no secret that next week's Zyuohger episode will be the big celebration of Super Sentai's 2,000th episode. I remembered Kamen Rider OOO was celebrating that episodes 27-28 are the Kamen Rider franchise' 999th-1,000th episode . What I missed or failed to notice is that Super Sentai had it's 1,000th episode released with Carranger episode 20, "Test Drive The Ultimate Famous Cars". What's interesting is that Carranger is also Super Sentai's 20th anniversary and the 1000th episode was released on the 20th episode of the 20th season.

Zyuohger 28: Super Sentai's 1,999th Episode, Zyuland's History And The Epic Clash Of Two Anniversary Super Sentais!

Unlike Gokaiger vs. Gavan which was a VS. Movie, we're having a two part special within the show. It just reminds me of how Power Rangers did its yearly crossover starting with Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (where last season rangers guest in the next season in two episodes of the series than have them appear in a TV movie), how Kamen Rider Decade did its crossover with Shinkenger (but the concept was followed by two VS. Movies instead which is also a good alternative) and how Gavan had a two-part crossover with Go-Busters. Which reminds me why didn't they just give Kamen Rider Ghost a two part guest role in Zyuohger if they don't want to make a movie?

It May Be More Than Time To Do Another Space Themed Super Sentai!

After watching the available subs of Changeman and Flashman has from Grown Ups In Spandex as well as remembering how the outer space set-ups got better from the 80s to present, I'm thinking that it's probably time to send Super Sentai into space once more due to modernization. Changeman and Flashman had space themes attached to them but the special effects were not so good given the time period they were in. I enjoy the action but I thought that these concepts need to be revived some time in the future. Megaranger had done it better and Kamen Rider Fourze may have been a green light to producers that it may be time to create space themed Super Sentai.

An Analysis On Super Sentai's Three Possible Target Age Groups

After writing (and rambling) about the generation gap that I feel with super old school and super new school Super Sentai, I decided to write about the three possible target age groups. The reasons are because Gokaiger is having a two part appearance in Zyuohger and the upcoming Dekaranger vs. Gavan movie, does Super Sentai really have three possible age groups? Let's try to divide them into three possible age groups to make an analysis.