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Gaoranger: Tetomu's Song

Here's the lyrics of Gaoranger's song for the Gao Deer. It's called Hibiki no Shirabe or (Song of Echo) which was sung for Gao Deer in Quest 29. I like this one better than the Wild Force version. Here's the English translation:

If you listen closely
Perhaps you would hear a voice in the wind, calling you

For there you shall find true real peace

The promise shall be fulfilled through our prayers which travel through time
Take a deep breath,
and let your spirit resound

A song from days so distant reaches the heart
The sound of a flute from afar echoes through the valleys

For there you shall discover the beauty of life

Until the promise is fulfilled sorrow shall remain
In spite of the transience of things, reach beyond the bounds of time
and let your spirit resound

As the soil comforts you, as the earth embraces you
Open up your trembling heart

For there you shall find company

The promise shall be fulfilled through our prayers which travel through time
Take a deep breath…

The Demons of Sentai

Honestly I think there is a connection between some of the deadly demons in sentai. If my theory is correct they could be related. I think in the world of the oni, they are rival clans which I think are the following:
The Hundred Demon Tribe in Turboranger.

The Vyram of Jetman.

An unknown new enemy for a few episodes.

The Bandora Gang of Zyuranger

The Gorma in Dairanger

The Youkai in Kakuranger

The Saima in Gogo V

The Orgs in Gaoranger.

The Evorian in Abaranger. Probably were born by Dai Satan's power.

The Infershia of Magiranger. He is presumably the same entity as
Ragorn and Dai Satan brought back to life many times.

The Ashu of Boukenger. Presumably they are linked to Ramu and Gogu in Jetman.

Human Hating Normal Human Villains

Sentai did present some of these very unique villains- they are humans yet they hate their own kind for some reason. They even tried to stop being human. I mean I can understand if the sentai heroes of the past also faced the Ashu tribes in different series but these are different. They are:
Dr. Man the founder of Shin Tenkoku in Bioman is a human being, the first human villain that is. He wanted to become the world's greatest genius and experimented on himself becoming an old man quite early. He aims to punish humanity for some reason probably due to a bitter past or his own experiments altered his brain. He had a son named Junichi who opposes him. When Mason discovers he is a human being, he was plotted for death but he used a mechaclone to fool them and later reprogramed them. In the end he repents and turns back to the light due to his human emotions.

Dr. Lee Keflen from Flashman from the Mess Empire is from Earth. He hates humanity and wants to punish them so he served…

Nagare Bouma Characters in Super Sentai

There are some Hanyo (oni human + normal human or in mythology between oni and human) characters in Super Sentai. These are:
Yamimaru and Kirika- They became the next focus of villains after Zimba, Jarmin and Rehda died in battle against the Turborangers. They are half-human and are wandering due to them being half-Ashu. Yamimaru's parentage is not established but we know Kirika's father is an Ashu.
Kou or Kibaranger in Dairanger is born from Shadam the Magician and a human being.
Tsuruhime in Kakuranger is born from a youkai from Daimaou's servants and a human. She is another half breed.

Eiji has the reverse. His mother is an oni and his father is a normal human like Achilles, son of the goddess Thetis and a mortal named Peleus or the goddess Sheng Mu and her mortal consort Liu Yong who bore their son Liu Chen Xiang. He is another outcast. I wonder why Ragorn never noticed him before? He is one like Yamimaru, a nagare bouma.

Gaoranger: Forever Red

Unlike Power Rangers Wild Force that presented only from MMPR, this one goes all the way back to Goranger (and they're now seniors mostly) who do something worthwhile again. After retiring, ll the red rangers come back for a grand return in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai where a lot of classic mecha return.

This hints that these events or possibilities may have happened somewhere that may need a movie (but a different actor if need be) to explain these:
The use of bio energy in sentai series after Bioman. In Jetman, they face a monster that uses bio killer particles in the form of Meteorite BEM. In Ohranger, they used the same kind of energy and faced a similar enemy that could neutralize their powers in the form of Bomber the Great.In Fiveman, Takeru could be that scientist who falls for Kasumi.In Abaranger, the destruction that Bandora caused in the past could have created Evorian.
In Magiranger, the Mystic Mother may as well be a Bandora reborn as a force of good after she was puri…

Bouken Pink: On Focus

Sakura Nishiboshi of Boukenger is really hot. I mean I find her more attractive than Ptera Ranger or Houou Ranger and probably the fairest Pink Ranger ever. Well I kind of think about that I got sucked into watching Boukenger because of her as she was so pretty- prettier than the female rangers of my childhood sentai.

Her character in Boukenger isn't the usual female pink ranger of being too soft. Instead, she isn't afraid to speak her mind out and that she actually does know how to operate a rifle- something I don't see even any of the original female heroines doing in their show.

I like to compare her to Kaori Rokumen/White Swan in a way but she's prettier. In a way both are the only child and a daughter of rich families who are called unto a duty of justice. But a big twist happens is that it was revealed she had ran off from her family to join the military, she can easily control mecha and she doesn't seem get stuck in any love triangle whatsoever (but it wa…

My List Of Hot And Cute Super Sentai Heroines

Now this post is subjected to what I'd call a MASSIVE reboot and man, this post was written so last December 7, 2008 and now it's September 3, 2015. Now it's already December 29, 2017 and I decided to add more to this entry. I thought I might edit some old posts and this is one of them. Gotta admit, gotta stay true to myself! Now it's time for a massive edit and I think it's time to do a revised list!

The pretty list...

Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink Five

Arguably she was my first Tokusatsu crush. If Americans had Kimberly, I had her dubbed over as Kimberly which I found rather... weird. I would admit that she was my first Tokusatsu crush.

Momoko/Pink Mask

After Bioman, Maskman was my second Sentai and for her, she's really a unique beauty but she really has all those prickly thorns. She's lovely as a rose but she's deadly as its thorns type of female character. Plus, she's the big sister or team heart of Maskman. I really cried when she was beaten up by Kotsuh…