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My Thoughts On Zyuohger Episodes 13-15 And Some Nostalgic Factors In Them

So as always, I'm beaten by other sites like Dryed Mangoez and UkiyaSeed in making episode reviews. Plus, I doubt it I really can devote myself to episode reviews but I may give "updates" or more importantly my opinions on newer stuff. I still am waiting for the possible sixth ranger, new mecha, new enemies, etc. to arrive before I start giving Zyuohger updates.

Right now, going to make a three episode recap of episodes 13-15. To deviate a bit from the topic, it seems to be that every time it's an anniversary or something there's always that tendency to be like "It's a kid's show but let's give a bit of something of nostalgia for older fans in some way." It can be a good or bad thing. Gaoranger, Boukenger and Gokaiger all did their part in trying to be new to children but appeal to older fans of Super Sentai at the same time.

Super Sentai Antagonists I Find To Be That Beloved And/Or Overrated By Fans

Boo! Hiss! Get your tomatoes, rotten eggs and all you can throw at these menacing figures ready! Looks like we've got the bad guys and girls you just love to hate. Moving on, here's some Super Sentai and Power Rangers villains I believe got so iconic. I felt like Super Sentai fans really will always remember how they love to hate these villains.

Black Cross Fuehrer

So we have him in Goranger. Then years later, he reappears in Gokaiger Hero 199 Battle as the main villain. So he reappears causing havoc that it requires other 34 Super Sentai powers to defeat this guy. I felt like he's Super Sentai's own version of Sosai X/Sosai Z from Gatchaman. I guess nobody can still forget the granddaddy of Super Sentai big bads huh?

Hideo Kageyama/Doctor Man

He's a cool villain with the Zoids-villain appearance. He was once a scientist with a family but his own personal ambitions put him at odds against his wife. While experimenting on himself, he grows old pretty fast so he quic…

Super Sentai Protagonists I Find To Be That Beloved And/Or Overrated By Fans

While I haven't seen all Super Sentai series and known the fandom that well either to make a judgment but I felt like making this post about beloved Super Sentai protagonists. So here's me taking a deep breath. Here goes nothing with my views plus it's still an incomplete list. I do hope you can enjoy this list and feel free to disagree in some parts.

Tyuyoshi Kaijo/Aka Ranger

The very first Super Sentai red ranger ever. I've given a thought that maybe, the people behind Gokaiger were glad that he volunteered to make a guest role in the Hero 199 Movie. I guess a lot of people still consider him to be a true legend.

Banba Soukichi/Big One

So where do I start? While I haven't seen much of JAKQ but he's become a fan favorite. Plus he's played by the legendary Hiroshi Miyauchi. Miyauchi played henshin roles in Goranger, JAKQ, Zubat and Kamen Rider V3. He was also the team mentors of Winspector, Solbrain, Exceedraft (Commander Masaki) and Ohranger (Chief Miura).

Red Rangers That Were Different From The Rest Of Their Teammates

While watching Zyuohger, I remembered that some Super Sentai shows had their red rangers that were different from the rest of their team. I'd like to give my opinions on these red rangers. Missed any? Let me know!

Shiro Gou/Red One
Unlike the others, Shiro's Bio Particles gave him an out of suit ability to talk to animals. It was a nice touch and it was later repeated with Kakeru Shishi several years later. Also unlike the others, his family life and past were later unearthed late in the series. He's the only Bioman whose relative appeared on-screen namely his missing father Dr. Shinichiro Gou.
Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk
Although Ryu doesn't get all the attention and Gai Yuki is a competitor for that attention but still, one can't deny the plot's go signal is with this guy. He's a military man, he's experienced, he's one of the best red rangers out there but you can't deny that he's different from the rest of them. The rest of the Jetmen weren't…

Super Sentai Teams That Fought With Their Weapons Out Of Suit

Looking back at the glorious fighting out of suit scenes in Super Sentai and in extension Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Metal Hero and Other Heroes for the past couple of years (but screw you ToQGer and Ninninger for not doing that), some Super Sentai groups went from the traditional "beating mooks out of suit and just your fists and kicks" to actually drawing weapons. I still felt like, "WTF!" at times but again, the theme may have called for it. Question is where did they even store it? I even wanted to question where do they keep their weapons when they're not fighting in suit?

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger

Unlike its predecessors, Zyuranger was based on warrior tribes' lineage. That theme that would get repeated over and over again in several other series. Some did it better, others didn't but you can't deny how the Zyurangers went from traditional fighting unarmed against foot soldiers (and at times monsters) unmorphed but also that they really fought w…

Woohoo! GoGoV's Almost Done!

While I regret I may not be able to see most of Kakuranger due to the official subs getting released, but I'll admit GoGoV is almost done. I'll give my thoughts on the series' latest episode leading to the climax. Three more episodes and the Grand Bitch I mean Grand Witch Grandienne's (pun intended) so going to get what she deserves!

Episode 47 really has some horror/science fiction reference with some kind of parasite similar to the Aliens' franchise. It attaches itself towards Matoi which nearly kills him. It's used to power up Zylpheeza who returns after being missing for a considerable amount of episodes. Salamandes already bit the dust so the other siblings think of restoring their eldest sibling. That Salamandes was a brat... so it's time for their oldest sibling to return but there's going to be a lot of tragedy. 
The teamwork of GoGoFive in their quest to restore Matoi almost felt like the message of Fiveman's ending song as a sibling Super …

Feeling Old? It's Been Four Post-Timeranger Super Sentai Anniversary Seasons Already!

I was thinking of the anniversaries that happened. Turboranger celebrated 10 years of Super Sentai before it from Battle Fever J up to Liveman. Ohranger would later celebrate 20 years of Super Sentai when Goranger and JAKQ were later retroactively added into the list of Super Sentai seasons. Then Timeranger came in which I consider was a "finale" for a certain era of Super Sentai (which I don't know how to divide the eras yet) but it was the 24th Super Sentai season. Gaoranger became a new era opener. I'll also give some of my thoughts on the possible developments behind Zyuohger which is currently airing. 
Super Sentai's 25th Anniversary: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger
Gaoranger was the beginning of a whole new era where most Super Sentai had more mecha and less action. Timeranger closed the era where Super Sentai could get that serious and a whole lot more action scenes. Not even Gekiranger or Go-Busters felt that serious as Liveman, Dairanger or Timeranger to name …

Tusk's Love For Books

So I guess I'm going to do some episode reviews for Zyuohger like I did with Gokaiger. I used to do Shinkenger reviews but only based on Youtube videos. As said, this isn't much of a news blog and I'm usually beaten by Henshin Grid, JEFusion and UkiyaSeed with the episode reviews. Plus I felt like I should have done them when I was watching GoGoFive and Gingaman or other Super Sentai that's still not so exposed to a newer generation of Super Sentai fans.

Watching this episode may make a grown up Super Sentai fan cry for awhile. It's not really a sad episode, there's some funny stuff in it but maybe, just maybe some can relate to Tusk's love for books and the old man. The old man is pissed at the new generation who hardly reads and Tusk is one who likes to read. The story featured is the story of an elephant with a short nose. The Zyuohgers participate with their own cosplaying. The old man who owns the bookstore discovers something about them and later dec…

Three Times (Or Possibly More Times) That I Wished Super Sentai Had Its Finale With That Season!

I can't deny there were really a number of times I wish that Super Sentai really ended. I felt like many times in the past, Super Sentai isn't getting any better and it was just around 2000 something and I had that feeling even before I saw the shows. This is pretty much my opinion that changed a lot depending on circumstances.

I wished Super Sentai ended with Mirai Sentai Timeranger's finale

Back then, I thought maybe Super Sentai should've ended with Timeranger, no pun intended. I thought that Timeranger might have been the best way to wrap up the series but because it was the 24th Super Sentai series, they wanted a 25th anniversary season. So Timeranger may have closed one era (and Time Force did too as the last purely Old Saban era the following year) and another began. Gaoranger and  Power Rangers Wild Force began two new eras. Half of Wild Force's later episodes went to Disney and Gaoranger started to focus more on selling more toys through the multi-gattai m…